Can a Consulting Hypnotist help you stop smoking?

Can a Consulting Hypnotist help you to stop smoking?

Yes, a Consulting Hypnotist can help you quit smoking.

A Consulting Hypnotist practices Consulting Hypnotism, which is the use of Hypnosis as Non-Therapeutic Hypnotism. It is a relaxed focused state where you are guided into self-hypnosis so you can connect with your subconscious and do the changes you are looking for.

Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxed focused concentration.

When we at NLP Hypnosis Centre  – Certified Consulting Hypnotists, Certified NLP Practitioners and Certified in Life Coaching – say that we can help you Stop Smoking, that we have a Hypnosis Program for Smoking Cessation we basically guide you from a negative mental attitude and a loss of self-control regarding smoking to a Positive Mental Attitude and Self-Control.

NLP Hypnosis Centre Stop Smoking Program or Smoking Cessation using Consulting Hypnotism.

1st we ask you to check with your Doctor … we are not a Medical Facility.

Then you have with us a Free Consultation Session by phone or via Skype or we can go to your home, office or business … or you can visit us at our main office in downtown London, Ontario, Canada.

If this session we find out if you qualify for our Hypnosis Program and you can find out if we can help you or not. There is no compromise from you or us. The goal is to see if we can work together as a team and if you are really committed to quit smoking.

After this we go into a regular Hypnosis Session. For Smoking Cessation we do 3 one hour sessions.

During the hypnosis sessions:

  • We guide you into self-hynosis and induct you into a self-hypnotic state during which we offer you suggestions on how you might restore self-control regarding your cigarette smoking.
  • We teach how to apply self-help techniques to achieve a more optimistic frame of reference.

Hypnosis is powerful and effective.

Is it effective all the time?

No. Like any other technique for quitting smoking, there is no 100% positive results, that’s why we offer you a GUARANTEE that no one else in London, Ontario, Canada offers.

Hypnosis can help you create very powerful positive changes in your life. To stop cigarette smoking the key is that you are really decided to quit and then we put the knowledge and the resources so you can access the power inside you and quit.

No Hypnotist can “make you stop smoking” … No Hypnotherapist can “make you stop smoking” the control is you … you have the power inside you .. the focus of the control and success is in you … we become your guides and teach you how to reach a wonderful life smoke free.

It is a misconception that Hypnotists can control other people or make them do things. It is not real … yes, we do “have the power to guide you” and we know how to do it … and you have the power and control in you … it is a team work to live healthier and happier.

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