Hypnosis is demonic. Hypnosis is demoniac.

I was called Fake Christian and Witch Doctor.

I was called a fake Christian and a Witch Doctor for a person that believes hypnosis is demonic, diabolic, is a potential for occultism, a potential for demonic possession and it is condoned by the Bible.

Is Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy Demonic or against the Bible?

Hypnosis is total concentration. Is learning.

Hypnosis is total focused concentration. The Hypnotic State allows us to access our subconscious mind and accept suggestions more easily.

The world hypnosis is not mentioned in the Bible and there is no indirect mention to hypnosis in the Bible.

Is Hypnosis demoniac or diabolic?


Is Hypnosis a potential for occultism and demonic possession?


Is Hypnosis condemned by the Bible?


Let me explain by starting for the most important part.

Hypnosis is a technique, not a special power. Is not 100% effective. Sometimes does not work at all.

I was yesterday in a family demonstration. As part of my hypnosis business I visit groups and families at their home.

It was a group of four adults and during our initial conversation I noticed that one of the persons didn’t really want to participate and it was there basically to make her spouse happy.

So to make a long story, short … she was not able to experience hypnosis because she didn’t want to participate. And it was not her fault. Even that does not mean that she could not experience hypnosis later or with another hypnotist. The reazon why I’m saying this is is to show that a person cannot be forced to experience hypnosis.

Most people that believes hypnosis is demonic use Deuteronomy 18, 9 as source

9 When you enter the land the Lord your God is giving you, do not learn to imitate the detestable ways of the nations there. 10 Let no one be found among you who sacrifices their son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, 11 or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. 12 Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord; because of these same detestable practices the Lord your God will drive out those nations before you. 13 You must be blameless before the Lord your God.

Hypnosis, as practiced today by Health Care Professionals, Hypnotherapists, Hypnotists, Consulting Hypnotists, even Stage Hypnotists, is a technique based in total concentration.

Hypnosis does not use divination, sorcery, engages in witchcraft or cast spells.

Hypnosis is total focused concentration in something, or someone, or a goal for example.

Hypnosis is the use of our subconscious mind so we can create positive changes.

If you watch a hypnosis video you won’t see any divination or sorcery, you won’t see any witchcraft, you won’t see anyone casting spells.

The problem with some people that are against hypnosis based in the Bible is that their base their opinion in very old and misleading information.

There was a time that a lot of people believed that hypnosis was a special power that only a few had. We now know there is no magic, no special power. Hypnosis, is a technique that everyone can learn.

There is no a diabolic or demonic entity guiding the hypnotist. There is no scientifically verified case were the person had suffered demonic possession because of hypnosis.

If you search the Internet or YouTube you will find many videos talking about the demonic side of hypnosis, or that hypnosis and hypnotherapy are demonic.

As soon as you ask them for verifiable data they get upset with you and call you sinner or fake Christian, if you are Christian like me.

In my opinion of course it is important that if you are going to use hypnosis, you do it under the supervision of someone who knows what she or he is doing. You see a lot of YouTube videos about hypnosis from people that really don’t know that much about hypnosis.

Hypnosis like any technique, or tool or technology can be dangerous if used for someone that does not know what he or she is doing. That being said, this does not mean at all hypnosis is demonic or that you could be in danger of demonic possession while in Hypnosis.

The fact is that in the last 300 years we have learned a lot about hypnosis and how the mind works. During that time there is not even one case where a person was possessed while practicing hypnosis, even with all the mistakes some called hypnotists make.

Even in Stage Hypnosis there has not been any case of a person who was possessed by diabolic entities while participating in Stage Hypnosis.

Some of the phenomena during hypnosis … specially in Stage Hypnosis, are forgetting names, forgetting numbers, getting stuck to a table or getting stuck to a chair of the floor for example.

There is no magic in the phenomena, there is no diabolic presence. It is just the power of your mind that is so concentrated in something in particular and the ability of the hypnotist to guide you there.

And these are for a short period of time. If you come to my office and as part of teaching you how your mind works I might guide you into forgetting number six and then I ask you to count from one to 10. If your subconscious take the information, you will forget number six

There is no magic in guiding you into forgetting a number, a name or getting stuck to something. There is no demonic entity making you to do that. It is just the use of the concentration power of your mind.

Probably you have had the experience of being so concentrated in doing something that you forget or ignore everything around you.

In Stage Hypnosis forgetting names, forgetting numbers, getting stuck to a table or to the floor are used for fun. I use them in my office or when I visit clients to show them the power of their mind.

Learning why and how your subconscious mind gets your hands stuck to a table, even when there is no reazon for it, shows my clients awareness and control. Because having the hands stuck to table is a very powerful metaphor or example of how the subconscious mind works.

Let me explain you why. I’m going to make this as simple and as short as I can.

The subconscious mind does not distinguish between true or false. It accepts what is familiar or believe to be true. If a child is told that he or she is a loser, that he will never do something good in life, specially if he is told this by his parents or any other authority figure, as a teacher for example, his subconscious mind will accept this as true.

When the child becomes an adult. Consciously he knows he is able to do a lot of good things, but his subconscious believes he is a loser, so his life becomes a constant struggle and fight because “he is stuck to the idea that he is a loser”.

When a client experience hypnosis, sees and understand how his mind can get him stuck … he realizes how powerful his mind is and can do positive changes in his or her life.

Many people who smoke will tell you that smoking relaxes them. They consciously know this is false, but at one time in their life their subconscious mind was made to believe this as true. There is nothing in a cigarette that helps them relax but their subconscious mind believes it relaxes … so they actually relax when they smoke.

Like the hands stuck to the table … they are stuck to believe they are losers. They are stuck to believe smoking relaxes.

Like the hands stuck to the table … they are stuck to believe cigarettes relax.

Many people that has been physically or sexually abused believe (in their subconscious) that it is their fault. Consciously they know it is not their fault, but their subconscious mind believes other way. Again, like the hands stuck to the table … they are stuck to believe it is their fault and they deserve it.

When a person experience hypnosis. When they understand why and how their subconscious mind get their hands stuck to a table, even they know consciously there are no reazons why their hands should be stuck to the table. They became aware and have more control over their mind and their life.

I tell my clients to do “the stuck hands to the table” both ways … using their conscious mind and using their subconscious mind. They laugh when they see the big difference … if they do it very consciously, nothing happens. If they allow their subconscious mind and imagination to take over, well they get stuck to the table, simple as that.

There is no special power, no magic, no spells, no charming …. just a simple scientific fact … our mind affects our body (and our body affects our mind).

This shows them that becoming more aware of their thinking. Becoming more aware of how their mind works. This can create powerful changes in their life. Again, for me it is a powerful metaphor … and example of how powerful the mind is. In Stage Hypnosis is used for that … to impress … it is a show.

Mr. Anthony Galie is a Hypnotist that explains a lot how and why hypnosis works. The following is link to one of his presentations.


Most hypnotherapists and hypnotists do not use the hands stuck to the table in their practice. I do, I use it a lot. It is a powerful metaphor that show clients they have the control, that they can create changes.

Most people believe quitting smoking is very difficult … when they experience the hands stuck to the table they understand how their mind can make this difficult or easy.

Having your hands stuck to the table has nothing to do with charming, witchcraft or casting spells. There is nothing in Deuteronomy 18-10 to 11 related to having your hands stuck to the table. It is just a technique that shows clients they have the control, they have the power … they, not the hypnotist, have the power of getting stuck in a lie or create positive changes in their life.

The key for anyone who uses the above vesicle against hypnosis is to understand what hypnosis is and how it works.

We are still learning about how hypnosis works and how the hypnotic state is different from sleeping or dreaming or just daydreaming. We know hypnosis is not a special power.

There is no charming in hypnosis. There is no witchcraft in Hypnosis.

Can Hypnosis be dangerous?

I always say …. Hypnosis is not dangerous, it is a technique. Hypnotists or hypnotherapists that don’t know how to use hypnosis can be dangerous.

At YouTube you see many people that talk about hypnosis but in reality they don’t know that much … so they are dangerous, but not the technique – hypnosis.

That being said … we could say … yes, using hypnosis for someone that does not know what he or she is doing is dangerous … again … dangerous, not demonic or diabolic.

Hypnosis helps people change beliefs put by others in their subconscious that limit their life.

Hypnosis helps a person to understand that smoking does not relax. That the belief he or she has in his/her subconscious is wrong.

Hypnosis helps a person that was told, when he was a kid, that he was a loser, to learn that the information he has in his subconscious is wrong.

In both cases hypnosis helps a person to change the information they have for information that can actually help them …. Is that demonic?

In Stage Hypnosis .. people go to have fun. It is a show. People don’t go to Stage Hypnosis to be deceived or to be possessed by a demon They go for fun .

I hope you don’t believe that TV is diabolic.

When we watch a movie on TV … there are no people inside the TV box, we are seeing things and people that are not there. We are not seeing things that are really there. We laugh, we cry … we watch TV for fun.

Is TV diabolic, because it is a technology that makes us see things that are not there?

Just because the subconscious mind believes something false. Does that make it evil?

No, it is just false information we have learned, and that we can change using hypnosis.

Again using the example of some one who learned to smoke?

Most people will tell you that the first cigarette they smoked was horrible, but they continued smoking because advertisement and/or friends told them it was cool, sexy, macho, relaxing …. etc. All false information about smoking … there is no evil there, just false information that the subconscious accepted as the truth.

A person can quit smoking using only willpower. Many do it that way. Is using the power of your conscious mind.

There are many techniques that can be used. I use hypnosis with my clients.

In hypnosis the subconscious learns that the information it has is false. The hypnotist will give the person suggestions to change that information. Changing the information in the subconscious mind makes easier to quit smoking that just using willpower … nothing demonic here.

Hypnosis how it is practiced today by Hypnotists, Hypnotherapists, even Stage Hypnotists is nothing more than very focused concentration. There is no magic, no special power, no casting spells.

Another thing to understand about hypnosis … it is totally false that only weak minded people can be hypnotized.

Hypnosis is concentration … if you can concentrate, you can be hypnotized.

In my discussion with the person that called me fake Christian and Witchcraft Doctor he mentioned the case of women abused by others who knew hypnosis and called them weak minded so I answered …

Let me start with what you call “weak minded women” … well is that the case they won’t go into hypnosis. People with very low IQ have a difficult time going into hypnosis (I’m not saying that they cannot go into hypnosis and enjoy the experience).

Hypnosis is total focused concentration. A person that has problems to concentrate won’t experience hypnosis very easily.

Most people can get into hypnosis. People who are able to concentrate, visualize and have good imagination go into hypnosis more easily, that’s why students, artists, people who practice sports, go very easily into hypnosis.

There are very sad and horrible cases about people practicing hypnosis the wrong way, not knowing what they are doing. And yes … hypnosis can be used the wrong way for people who don’t know what they are doing … but again … dangerous, not demonic.

Hypnosis is a technique, like any technique it can be used improperly for a person that does not know enough about hypnosis.

Like for example the cases of Health Care Professionals that used hypnosis the wrong way a put what is called “false memories” in several kids that made them believe they were abused by their parents, which was false.

They use suggestions and hypnosis the wrong way and did created problems to those kids and their families.

Does this mean hypnosis is demoniac or diabolic?

No, it means these Health Care Professionals used the technique the wrong way. The same way some Health Care Professionals made mistakes in surgery and in other techniques. Nothing diabolic there, nothing demonic … but horrible human mistakes.

Because I show my clients how hypnosis works, I use a lot things like forgetting a name, forgetting a number, hands stuck to a table, people not able to walk – stuck to the floor.

First … these things are temporal and the result of very focused concentration.

Again and again … there is no magic, no special power, no demon there … just simple focused total concentration.

For example I tell my clients during hypnosis … you will forget number six.

Then I ask them to count from 1 to 10 … most times they will forget number 6, sometimes doesn’t work.

My clients could tell you they new the number 6, but for some reazon they did not want say it.

The reason is simple … I made them focus and concentrate in the rest.

Again … hypnosis is focused concentration.

Is this useful to my clients?

Of course, it is … they learn how being so concentrated in something made them forget something else.

Is like when we are so concentrated in our work or what we are doing that we forget the headache or the toothache we had or the appointment we had.

Is there something diabolic on this?

No, nothing at all. Simple mind totally focused.

There are many uses of hypnosis and many kind of hypnotists. Some may use hypnosis in a way that other consider inappropriate, like Erotic Hypnosis for example. This is something I don’t do … but this make hypnosis demonic or diabolic? No, not at all. It is their choice.

Of course there are a lot of exaggeration about what you can do with hypnosis. If you look in YouTube for example I can see a lot of lies about what hypnosis can do.

Does this make hypnosis demonic?


Like I have said before … some Pastors, Ministers and Priests use the Bible to their own benefit. Some even convince people to do crazy things for them using the Bible.

Does this mean the Bible is diabolic or demoniac?

No, not at all.

Like in anything in life … the problem is not with the book, or the technique or the technology … but with the human being.

Related to Hypnosis being a potential for Occultism … hmmm depends what you call “potential”. The Bible is used in Occultism and Witchcraft. Several sacred books are used in Occultism, Witchcraft and to cast spells, but this doe not make them dangerous or demoniac or guilty of being a potential for Occultism.

The problem is not the Bible or the sacred book or hypnosis or hypnotism or hypnotherapy … is the person using it.

The same with Hypnosis … of course hypnosis can be used in combination con other techniques, like in torture, mind control, witchcraft … but please pay close attention to what I’m saying … Hypnosis is not torture, hypnosis is not mind control, hypnosis is not spells chanting or witchcraft.

The fact that a technique could be used the wrong way, does not make it diabolic or demoniac. And again … there is not even one case – scientifically verifiable case – were a person had suffered demonic possession while experiencing hypnosis or hypnotherapy.

Olivier Hidalgo

NLP Hypnosis Centre.

London, Ontario. Canada.