NLP – Building Rapport

Everything person has a different way of represent things.

Some will use more the visual part, others the auditory, others the kinesthetic.

Visual are people who usually express with phrases like … “I see what you mean”, “It is clear to me”.

Auditory will use¬†phrases like, “I listen what you are saying”, “It sounds logic to me”.

Kinesthetic will use phrases like, “I think that the right decision”, “I understand what you mean”

Building rapport is, putting in simple words, seen the world the same way the other person sees it.

If I’m talking to a visual person, it will be easier to establish a good communication “building rapport” if I talk to him/her in the “same language” … ¬†He/she will pay more attention to me if I say …”I see what you mean” than if I say “I know what you mean.

It sounds simple and easy, but that’s basically the easy way to establish rapport.