The Dangers of Hypnosis. Hypnosis is demonic possession. Hypnosis is the possession of the spirit.

The Dangers of Hypnosis Hypnosis is demonic possession. Hypnosis is the possession of the spirit. Hypnosis is diabolic. Hypnotists use demonic entities to help them in their magic.

This is a subject we have already discussed before.

No, Hypnosis is not the possession of the spirit.

No, Hypnosis is not diabolical possession.

No, Hypnosis is not demonic possession.

No, Hypnosis is not a portal for diabolical entities or for the occult.

Many times when I talk abut hypnosis I mention the hypnotic phenomenon of the hand stuck to a table thanks to the hypnotic suggestion, someone has criticized me saying that I do this with the help of diabolic entities, or that during hypnosis I open a portal for demonic entities that keep the hand of my client stuck to the table.

They also mention that the Bible condemns Hypnosis and that I should repent for practicing hypnosis.

I’m a Christian … I totally believe in God, and He is part of every day in my life … and I help clients with hypnosis and I do self-hypnosis myself. There is nothing in the Bible against hypnosis. Hypnosis is a powerful tool to help us reach our goals.

The problem with those who condemn hypnosis is ignorance of what hypnosis really is. Or wanting to hide from their followers that they use suggestion or other mental techniques to influence their followers, and if their followers understand hypnosis they will be less vulnerable.

Also they do not understand the Bible neither … again I challenge you to find the word hypnosis in the Bible. You won’t find it … and if you understand that hypnosis is total focused concentration … well, there is nothing in the Bible against concentration or accessing the subconscious mind.

When you learn, practice or experience hypnosis you become more aware of those who try to control your life. You learn more how the mind works and how negative beliefs can influence your life in a negative way.

All the hypnosis condemnation as dangerous and demonic is … “ignorance”. And I do not say it in an offensive way, but in not knowing, not knowing and many times in taking as true the information that comes from someone who also has no idea of ​​what hypnosis really is.

Hypnosis is not magic, or witchcraft, or divination, or spiritualism, or even mind control.

Hypnosis is a state of total concentration that allows us to more easily access our subconscious.

Again … Hypnosis is total concentration … it’s access to the subconscious … and a way to access the subconscious is images, it’s emotions.

A simple exercise, short and apparently childish … NOTE: this exercise is similar to what I do with my clients, but it is not exactly the same, since the technique requires time, knowledge and experience, but I use it here as an example.

Read the whole exercise first and then do it … it is fun, easy and shows you how your mind works.

Part one … put your hand on a table. Now consciously repeat “my hand is glued to the table”, repeat this consciously several times for a minute or two. Stop repeating and move away your hand from the table.

What is going to happen?

Possibly nothing. You will be able to separate your hand from the table very easily.

Part two … put your hand on a table. This time, breath deeply two or three times. Mentally, repeat in your mind that your hand is stuck to the table. In your mind see the image of your hand and fingers stuck to the table. Use the emotion and feel your hand and fingers glued to the table.

Mentally ask yourself.

Which one feels more stuck? The hand or the fingers? Feel your hand and fingers totally glued to the table.

Then in your mind feel your hand and fingers more stuck to the table.

Now try to separate the hand from the table. You will discover something very interesting … it will be more difficult for you to separate your hand from the table than in part one.

Note … if your hand gets stuck completely … do not worry … just see in your mind that your hand is free and that you are able to unstuck it from the table … it might take a couple of seconds.

I assure you that you will see and feel a difference between part one and part two. It may be that the difference is very small but there will certainly be a difference.

Are there any diabolical entities that made it harder for you to separate your hand from the table?

Did this open your mind to diabolical possession?

No, and no … in both cases.

It is simply the use of the power of the mind … notice several factors.

In part two I ask you to relax (deep breathing). I ask you to use your imagination or visualize which it is a very powerful tool of the mind. I ask you to use emotion, which is certainly a power that creates changes.

Have you noticed that many pastors and politicians use what is mentioned in Part Two in their speeches? Relaxation (or excitement) … imagination … emotion.

IMPORTANT NOTE. If you do this exercise yourself or with friends please first make sure you are in a quiet, safe place, that you are not driving a car or that you are not doing something that needs your full attention. Never do this exercise if you have heart disease, have a mental illness, suffer from epilepsy or are under medical, psychological or psychiatric treatment.

Why the important note?

Simple because Hypnosis is total concentration. It is total attention. And if you concentrate and pay full attention to this exercise … you will not pay attention to other things.

The whole point of this exercise is to show you that there is a difference between using suggestions consciously and when they are used accessing the subconscious (hypnosis). And that there is no demonic intervention in this hypnotic phenomenon.

On the other hand we have already mentioned and proved several times that the word Hypnosis does not exist in the Bible and that there is nothing in the Bible against totally concentrating, or paying attention totally (Hypnosis).

Let’s clarify that like all techniques and tools, Hypnosis in the hands of someone who does not know what he/she is doing can be dangerous. That Hypnosis can be used in combination with other mental techniques in mind control and in occultism … but beware, please do not misrepresent my words … a scalpel can be dangerous … the misuse of the Bible can be dangerous … the Bible can be used for Mind Control and Occult.

Does the above mean that we are never going to use a scalpel or that we are not going to use the Bible because of the danger they can represent?

No, absolutely no.

A scalpel in the hands of a person who knows what she/he is doing can save a life.

The Bible in the hands of those who really practice the teachings of Jesus can bring love, tolerance and peace to the world.

Likewise, Hypnosis in the hands of a person that knows what she/he is doing can create many positive changes in another person or himself/herself.

Ah … so if Hypnosis is used inappropriately or by someone who does not know what he/she is doing, it can cause demonic possession?


As far as I know, there is no case … I repeat, there is no scientifically documented case of diabolical possession as a consequence of entering into hypnosis.

And pay attention … you are never “under the total control of the hypnotist” … you enter a hypnotic state by using hypnosis which is a technique of total concentration.

On the Internet you will find cases and videos of people that mention … ex hypnotist who reveals that hypnosis is diabolical possession … ex hypnotist who reveals the dangers to the spirit by using hypnosis. Real witnesses of diabolical possessions for practicing hypnosis, etc.

When they are challenged to show credentials or documentation or real evidence … real scientific evidence. They do not have it and they look for excuses or false justifications.

Of course they cannot present the evidence … there is no documented case of diabolical possession by hypnosis.

Did you know, for example, that Epilepsy is mentioned in the Bible as a demonic possession?

I imagine you already know that Epilepsy is a neurological disorder.

Blessings and Profound Peace,

Olivier Hidalgo
NLP Hypnosis Centre.
London, Ontario. Canada.