What is Ho’oponopono?

What is Ho’oponopono?

Ho’oponopono is a ancient Hawaiian technique for cleansing (cleaning) our interior, our spirit, by deleting, removing data or false information. Even better, it is a practice, a way of living.

The goal of Ho’oponopono is “amend”, “correct an error”. It is harmony. To be well. Restoring alignment with Divinity.

According to Ho’oponopono, everything that appears in our life is a thought, a memory, a program or data. The goal is to clean up that data or information that creates problems for us and create data or information that is useful to us.

The Ho’oponopono is a tool to cleanse, clarify our mind and spirit of false beliefs.

Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len, in Hawaii, has been one of the great Ho’oponopono masters in recent times.

Morrnah Simeona (teacher of Ihaleakalá) promoted Ho’oponopono in modern times. Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona (May 19, 1913 – February 11, 1992) was recognized as kahuna lapa ‘au (shaman or priestess or expert, possessing the power of healing) in Hawaii promoting the modern version of Ho’oponopono in the USA, Asia and Europe.

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, another of the great teachers, shaman, of Ho’oponopono tells us that it is vitally important to understand our total responsibility in what happens to us in our life.

Joe (Joseph) Vitale, was born in December, 1953, a spiritual teacher. My teacher and spiritual guide in learning Ho’oponopono. One of the famous people in the movie The Secret. Also very famous for his many books and presentations related to Personal Growth and The Law of Attraction.

I learned Ho’oponopono with Joe Vitale, also famous for books like The Attraction Factor and Zero Limits.

Ho’oponopono, more than a technique to help others, is a process of mental and spiritual cleansing in ourselves and in that way we generate a very powerful positive energy to help others. It is a personal experience, a way of life, a dialy continuous practice.

When Joe Vitale teaches Ho’oponopono he guides us to learn about our total responsibility for what happens to us. To maintain a continuous process of clarification and cleansing with respect to our own interior, our spirit, our mind. Actions that at the same time influence our body and our surroundings, and our relationship with our interpretation of Divinity.

The practice of Ho’oponopono is an art … let’s say a very old Hawaiian art, that helps us to erase, clarify, clean false statements, false information, false programs … false data … in our mind, in our subconscious creating inner peace, greater happiness and therefore greater mental and physical health … and as a result greater success in our lives.

The key?

Full responsibility. 100%

Let’s clarify that Ho’oponopono has nothing to do with a particular religion, but with the principle of divinity, whether you call it God, Universe, The Source, The Cosmic, The Divine, or whatever name you want to give to your interpretation of the divine presence in your life.

There are four very important phrases in the practice of Ho’oponopono.

– I’m sorry.

– Please forgive me.

– I love you.

– Thank you.

In general, we are talking about asking for forgiveness for our false beliefs, for false memories, for letting false or misleading information(data) guide our thoughts and actions.

When talking about loving and giving thanks, we are talking about loving ourselves, our neighbour to our interpretation of Divinity or God. We are manifesting our love and allowing the Divine to cleanse our interior, our spirit, our mind. We are giving thanks that the Divinity or God has already done a cleansing in us.

In a way we are giving ourselves to our Divinity, surrendering, to our interpretation of God, in order to allow an internal cleansing, and erase data or information or beliefs that limit our life.

Four very powerful statements … four very powerful practices … forgiveness, love, thankfulness, and surrender.

Let’s clarify here that Ho’oponopono is not a magic pill, nor a cure all tecnique, but a practice, a very powerful process, a way of living better, more in inner peace, with greater happiness and material and spiritual prosperity.

As human beings, there will always be problems, there will always be diseases and difficulties to face. We will always make mistakes, we will make wrong decisions, etc. As a hypnotist and practitioner of other powerful mental techniques I have learned that it is not what happens to us but our interpretation of what happens to us, and what we do with what happens to us. Already, as a hypnotist, I have accepted my personal responsibility in the creation of my future, or where I’m right now.

As a practitioner of Ho’oponopono, I reaffirmed once again my responsibility as the creator of my future.

Will Ho’oponopono make my days perfect? Will I be perfect?

No, to both questions. But if it gives my life greater inner peace, greater communication with myself and with my interpretation of God or Divinity. And it certainly helps in my personal improvement as a human being in the goal of developing greater spiritual and material prosperity.

Benefits for you from Ho’oponopono.

– Delete, clean up errors in our data, in our belief information.

– Become aware of our responsibility in the creation of our future.

– It helps you establish a better relationship with yourself and with others.

– Greater inner peace We know that the mind affects the body, and that the body affects the mind. By achieving greater inner peace, we are producing a greater positive relationship between body, mind and spirit.

– Greater relaxation. By establishing a better relationship with our interpretation of Divinity, or God, we achieve a greater state of inner peace, which helps in problems such as stress and worry.

Personally I consider that the main objective of Ho’oponopono is to allow, give permission … that God or the Divinity cleans us of false data, or incorrect information, or false beliefs that are creating problems in our life.

It is a very powerful statement … you are 100% responsible and at the same time you are surrendering to Divinity.

By doing this we learn to forgive ourselves, and to forgive others … and perhaps putting it into better words … we allow the Divine to make that forgiveness and transform that energy into a life with greater inner peace, greater happiness and greater spiritual and material prosperity.

Again, let us clarify that the concepts of Ho’oponopono do not go against any religion, and are not part of any religion. Quite the opposite it can help you establish a better relationship with your personal interpretation of Divinity or God.

Ho’oponopono is not a religion, it is not a sect, it is not a cult. It is a way of living, a philosophy of living … a spiritual philosophy of living in contact with yourself, with others, with your Divinity.

Let me finish by saying … I take full 100% responsibility and surrender to Divinity.

Blessings, Love and Peace Profound.

Olivier Hidalgo

NLP Hypnosis Centre.

London, Ontario. Canada.