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Olivier Hidalgo is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist. A Professional of Hypnosis. Certified Neuro-Linguistic Personal Coach. Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, Certified in Time-Based Techniques.

Member of National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), NLP Global Standards and Sociedad Internacional de Hipnosis Clínica (SIHC)(Spanish).


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Disclaimer: We are not a medical facility and do not diagnose or treat medical conditions. It is not Psychotherapy, and it does not mean a replacement for any other intervention from a Health Care Practitioner. NLP Hypnosis Centre follows the recommended standards of practice and terminology for Hypnotic Practice by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). We do not practice Psychotherapy. We practice Consulting Hypnotism, NLP and Life and Business Coaching within the scope of our practice as defined by law.

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Relaxation-Motivation - Maria

Pleasantly I feel that the session was very useful. He showed me that with the mental change can more easily handle difficulties.

Certified in Life Coaching

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Olivier Hidalgo, A Certified Consulting Hypnotist helps clients:

Weight Management - Christian

“The change happened at my pace of willingness. It was steady and well informed”.

“I would recommend to others who want to quit smoking.” Ryan

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Experience the power of Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Life Coaching.

In our professional office in London, Ontario, Canada, or in the comfort of your home, office or business.

During our regular business hours, Monday to Friday, 9AM-5PM, or after, from 6-9PM. Some services available on weekends.

At NLP Hypnosis Centre, we combine Consulting Hypnotism, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Life Coaching to empower your life … all at your convenience and at the same affordable price.

Hypnosis  … powerful … safe … amazing!

We Love Personal Transformation.

We Love Witness Your Personal Transformation.

Some comments from NLP Hypnosis Centre clients

about their experience during and after Hypnosis.

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Olivier Hidalgo, member of National Guild of Hypnotists(NGH), NLP Global Standards and  Escuela Oficial de Hipnosis (EOH) y Sociedad Internacional de Hipnosis Clínica(SIHC)

SIHC: SIHC-CAN-2017-0118

NGH ID: 45900

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This free consultation session takes between 15-30 minutes.

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Our office is located at 151B York Street, London, Ontario Canada. In downtown London, Ontario, easily accessible by bus, train, or car. Parking available. Very close to restaurants and hotels.

We can visit you at your home. If you do not experience Hypnosis, you get your money back.

“Incredible. I could not believe stop smoking and feeling so relaxed was possible.” Mauricio(Honduras). Hypnosis Session for Smoking Cessation and Relaxation via Skype.

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So, How do you enjoy this wonderful experience?

First you fill out this form here to request a FREE and Confidential Consultation Session.

We arrange a time that is convenient for you and we do the consultation by phone or Skype. We schedule your appointment, at our professional office, at your home, office or business.

In your first session … depending on your goal and the duration of your session, which is custom-designed to your personal and/or business goals.

“Fascinating powerful and very helpful. Highly recommended. Olivier is a great coach.”  Benjamin. London, Ontario, Canada.

We do one-on-one sessions. Group, family and corporate sessions.

Experience hypnosis. Learn how to transform limiting beliefs. Create positive changes.

Powerful – Safe – Fun – Enjoyable – Effective.