FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnosis.


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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnosis

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of relaxed focused attention, where you are always in control.

It is a natural state. We go into similar states during the day. When we daydream for example.

Some define Hypnosis as an altered state of mind achieved by relaxation of the body and mind.

We prefers to use the word “connect” … so Hypnosis is the ability of connecting with your subconscious so you can make changes by suggestions at that level which are more powerful that if you only do the suggestions at the conscious level.

When you are so immersed in a TV program or listening to a song that makes you remember things from your past or create images, sounds, or feelings of a imaginary future, you are in a state that is very similar to Hypnosis.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Using Hypnosis to do therapy. Is using Hypnosis to create positive outcomes in your life. Usually related to behaviour modification. Usually done by a Health Care Professional. (This depends on your state, province an/or Country.)

In some states/provinces/countries only a person who has a degree in medicine or mental health can say they do Hypnotherapy.

What’s a Lay Hypnotist?

Well this is term that is not used that much. Basically is a person who has learned Hypnosis but does not have accredited training in medicine or mental health.

What is a Hypnotist?

A person who uses Hypnosis. Now there is a lot of discussion about this term and some say that can be used as we use it here … “ A person who uses Hypnosis”, others think than this is more related Stage Hypnosis … what I call Theatrical Hypnosis, in the sense that it is Hypnosis, but for entertainment.

Some say a Hypnotist is some one who does Hypnotism … which really is the same as Hypnosis … is just the way some people think it should be used .. Hypnotism, for fun and entertainment. Hypnosis to help clients to make positive changes.

What is a Hypnotherapist?

A person who uses hypnosis to do therapy.

Depending where you live, there are laws and regulations of who can call himself/herself a Hypnotherapist. In some cities, provinces or states only Health Care Professionals, like Doctors, Psychologists, or Social Workers can say that they do Hypnotherapy. In others it is ok for “Lay Hypnotist” … a person who is qualified to do Hypnosis but is not a Health Care Professional.

It is very confusing, because it depends of the laws and regulations of a country, state or province.

If in doubt … check the regulations and laws for your province, state or country.

Generally …

Doctors, diagnose and treat medical disorders.

Psychologists, diagnose and treat emotional and mental disorders.

Hypnotherapists, induce hypnotic state in client to increase motivation and/or alter behaviour patterns using hypnosis. They use hypnosis to do therapy.

Certified Consulting Hypnotist, that replaces Certified Hypnotherapist, as defined for the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), is motivational coaching by means of hypnotism and it is not considered health care.

Hypnotists don’t diagnose or treat medical disorders.

Consulting Hypnotists do not cure or diagnose.

We at the NLP Hypnosis Centre are Certified Consulting Hypnotists, Neuro-Linguistic Practitioners, and Certified in Life Coaching. We are not a Medical Facility. We do not diagnose or cure.

We do help and guide people to be happier, healthier and more successful, using Hypnosis or Consulting Hypnotism, NLP and Life Coaching.

The official description of Consulting Hypnotism approved by the National Guild of Hypnotists is “Consulting Hypnotists help ordinary, everyday people with ordinary, everyday problems using individual hypnotic techniques.”

The key here for you … is what is your problem? And what you are looking for?

Some Doctors, Psychologists or Psychotherapists might know Hypnosis, but could be they don’t have experience and certifications in that field. A Hypnotist, a “Lay Hypnotist”, don’t have the degree and medical experience of a Doctor but might have a lot of experience and certifications related to Hypnosis.

In our case at NLP Hypnosis Centre, Olivier is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, NLP Practitioner and Certified in Life Coachin.

We always mention to our clients that we are not a medical facility and suggest them to check with their Doctors about their plans to see us.

It is important for you to make sure you understand what a Hypnotist can do or not. Or what he/she is allowed to do in your State, Province or Country.

A Hypnotist must not deal with Medical problems. He/she must not diagnose.

A Hypnosis Certification can be done online or in person. Nothing wrong with doing training online. Many professionals do a lot of training online. Hypnosis training and certifications are done by many different Associations of Professional Hypnosis. Some certifications can be obtained in a few days or weeks, others take more time.

Again the key is what you expect and what can be done. If you get an Hypnotist that try to diagnose without being a Doctor, take your money o look for some else.

Hypnotists are professionals and many of them are really good at what they do. Hypnosis is a powerful technique. It is safe and you always have the control. Being a Doctor, a Psychologist or Psychotherapist, does not make the person a better hypnotist or hypnotherapist.

Of course, a Doctor, a Psychologist or o Psychotherapist who uses Hypnosis a lot in his/her practice will be a better choice if your problem is medical.

Always ask a lot of questions, and make sure you understand the certifications and experience of the Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist you are consulting … of course the same idea applies for Doctors or any other Health Care Professional.

What is a Consulting Hypnotist?

Is a person who is not a Health Care Professional but is certified to do Hypnosis – Consulting Hypnotism. Certified to do “Consulting Hypnotism” to help clients to create positive changes in their lives, but they cannot diagnosis, treat or cure medical conditions.

We at NLP Hypnosis Centre practice Consulting Hypnotist. Olivier Hidalgo is member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, NLP Global Standards and the Association Collegial of Professional Hypnosis(Spain).

In reality a Hypnotist, or Hypnotherapist, or Consulting Hypnotist, they all use “Hypnosis”, it just the way it is used, what’s use for and the formal education and experience.

Some call the Consulting Hypnotist, “Lay Hypnotist” in the sense that he/she is not a Health Care Professional. He/She may not have the extensive University training or knowledge of a Doctor for example. Although many times they do have University training but not in the Health Care field.

This being said, many Hypnotists or Consulting Hypnotists can create positive changes in their clients in a very powerful and safe way.

Our suggestion about this is that you always consult with your Doctor first. Check the credentials, experience and testimonials of the Hypnotherapist, Hypnotist, or Consulting Hypnotist and you should even check the credentials of your Doctor, Psychologist or Psychotherapist.

Will Hypnosis work if I don’t believe in it?

Well this is a tricky question. For Hypnosis to work you need to believe in it and you need to want to make the change.

Now, a good Hypnotherapist, will dedicate some time to explain to you how Hypnosis really works, so maybe you were curious, you didn’t believe at the beginning, but them after a very good explanation about Hypnosis is, what it can do or not for you … then maybe you change from a non-believer to a believer.

Will you be unconscious during Hypnosis?

No, not at all. The Hypnosis will take you to a very relaxed focused state, and you will be able “to connect” to your subconscious, but you will never be unconscious.

Some times you might loose track of the time or forget some things the Hypnotherapist said. This is normal, is like when you are watching a great movie that you are so concentrated that loose track of the time. Or when you are day dreaming and all the sudden what you thought it was 5 minutes of day dreaming, was really 30 minutes.

In any of these cases if the fire alarm sounds … for sure you will react … because you were never unconscious.

Can a Hypnotherapist control my mind and make me do things?

No. Hypnosis is not about control. I know it looks like that in Stage Hypnosis, but even there there is no control. People do crazy things during Stage Hypnosis because they want and they know they can always blame it onto the Hypnotist. It is similar to when person who was drunk did something wrong and says he/she had no control.

Hypnosis is really a team work between you and the Hypnotist, if you don’t want to do what the Hypnotist ask you to do, you will not do it.

There is no control at all.

Is Hypnosis diabolical?

Many use the Bible and say that Hypnosis is diabolical, based on the presumption that during Hypnosis your mind is “blank” and it can be “possessed” by bad spirits or diabolical entities.

The key here is to understand that while you are in Hypnosis your mind is never … I repeat, your mind is never “empty.” It is the other way around, your mind is focused, relaxed and concentrated.

There are several stages of hypnosis, but even in a depth stage of hypnosis you don’t have your mind empty.

The fact that in Hypnosis you are totally relaxed, does not mean that you are unconscious. You are conscious and in control. You are just in a beautiful and enjoyable state of focused relaxation.

You are always in control and your mind is never blank.

Only ignorant and stupid people can be hypnotized?

Totally incorrect. To be hypnotized you need to be able to follow instructions, which means that the smarter the better. Only people when very low IQ and some mental problems cannot be hypnotized.

Besides the knowledge and ability of the Hypnotherapist, there are three keys to be hypnotized.

  • First, you want to be hypnotized.
  • You are willing and able to follow instructions.
  • You do a team work with the Hypnotist so you can “talk” to your subconscious.

Can every problem be treated with Hypnosis?

Very important. Medical problems must be treated by a competent Health Care Professional. Notice I used “competent” … unfortunately in every profession they are incompetents.

Coming back …

Medical problems must be treated by a Health Care Professional.

People with Epilepsy normally should not be hypnotized. Talk to your Doctor first.

Serious mental problems must be treated by a Doctor, Psychologist or Psychotherapist.

Medical physical problems must be treated by a Health Care Professional.

Pain control for example is something that could be treated with Hypnosis. Could be by a Doctor who is certified in Hypnosis or a Doctor working in a team with a Hypnotherapist.

Pain control or reduction, should be treated careful as pain is a way of the body/mind to tell us that something is bad or not working properly in our body.

For example if a Hypnotist reduces the pain of a client without paying attention to the physical reason of the pain, he/she could be creating a lot of problems to his/her client.

At the NLP Hypnosis Centre we always say … “always check with your Doctor first”

Most Hypnotherapists, Hypnotists and Consulting Hypnotists work with:

  • Stop Smoking or Smoking Cessation.
  • Weight Management or Personal Image Management.
  • Changing unhealthy habits.
  • Creating positive habits.
  • Motivation.
  • Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence.
  • Fears (Some work with phobias).
  • Self Hypnosis or Self Help Hypnosis.
  • Visualization.
  • Personal or business goals.

Jus to name a few …

Do audios/videos or mp3s work?

Well firs it depends of the quality and the technique used.

In principle of course they can work. Now it will better if you see a Hypnotherapist in person.

At NLP Hypnosis centre we do:

  • NLP, Hypnosis and Life Coaching Sessions Online via Skype.
  • We visit clients at their home, office or business.
  • Sessions in our office.
  • We sell audios, videos and PDF reports about Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Life Coaching.
  • We are bilingual, English and Spanish. We do Hypnosis, NLP and Life Coaching sessions in Spanish. Please visit our http://www.pnlhipnosisparaexito.com/.
  • We do group sessions.
  • We have packages. Special prices and discounts for our newsletter members.
  • Special prices for those who need our services but cannot afford them.

One of the problems with audios/videos/mp3s is the fact that every person is unique – you are unique – so when we Hypnotists create a program we do it in a general way, but because you are unique it might take more or less time “to connect” to your subconscious and create the changes.

Many people believe that we need 21 days to change a habit, but studies have shown that this is not correct, for some people might take less … some studies suggest 18 days, or more sometimes several months before you start to see changes.

The good part of going to see a Hypnotherapist, Hypnotist or Consulting Hypnotist is that she/he can see how you are reacting to the Hypnosis and make the technique changes needed for the Hypnosis to be effective and the changes to take less time.

How much does Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy cost?

Normally starts around $75 per session. A session can be an hour or more. So always ask “How long is the session?”

Depending how “famous” or popular the Hypnotist is, it might cost you more. A point here, this does not mean that some one who charge you $300 per session is better that some one who only charges $75. Could be he/she is better or maybe he/she is just a better business person than the other.

Another point here … Hypnosis is not a miracle cure. Yes it is powerful, yes it can do a lot of good things, yes some times it looks like a miracle, but it is not. It is just a very powerful technique that if used properly can help you create positive changes in your life.

Do not believe to those who promise miracles using Hypnosis. They just want to take your money. An honest Hypnotist, will have a talk with you, find out what you want to do and explain you what Hypnosis can do or not for you.

Some Hypnotherapists do packages or charge less if you pay for 3 or more sessions at the beginning. Always ask what happens if you decide to cancel your appointment or ask for a refund.

Others do group sessions where you pay much less. These work, but again they don’t have the “personal touch” of a one on one private and confidential session.

How about refund and guarantee policies?

Do you ask for refund and guarantee policies to your Doctor or Health Care Professional?

Of course not, correct … although note apart, I personally think that we should … if they don’t cure us then we should get our money back, correct?

Let me know what your Doctor think about this?

Well the point here is that a Doctor’s treatment and a Hypnotherapist visit, they both also depend on you doing your part.

If the Doctor tells you to do something and you don’t do it the way the Doctor told you, is this his/her fault that you don’t get positive results?

It is for this reason that most Hypnotherapists, Hypnotists, and Consulting Hypnotists, won’t offer you a refund or guarantee policy … by the way we at NLP Hypnosis Centre we do offer a guarantee. You can check it here … NLP Hypnosis Centre Refund And Guarantee Policy.

Can Hypnosis make you do something against your moral principles?

No, a Hypnotherapist cannot make you do something against your moral principles. Hypnosis cannot make you do something against your will.

That’s why the first question we at NLP Hypnosis Centre will ask you is … Do you really want to do it or someone else wants you to do it?

If you want to do it … it will work.

If someone in your family wants you to quit smoking but you really don’t want to, well Hypnosis won’t work. No Hypnotherapist, no Hypnotist, no Consulting Hypnotist will make you quit smoking if you … and I mean you don’t want to do it.

Some people come to Hypnosis to prove that even Hypnosis cannot “make” them quit smoking or any other unhealthy habit … and they are correct, Hypnosis won’t work, because it is not about making you do something against what you really want.

Hypnosis is a team work, where you put the “yes, I want to do this.”

Is Hypnosis the same as Meditation?

No, it is not. They are similar in the sense that both will produce relaxation and both work with the subconscious, but in the case of Meditation there is no goal … well there is one … to connect with the Universe. In Hypnosis there is a goal … stop smoking, control your weight, eliminate an unhealthy habit, motivation, etc.

Will I be stuck in Hypnosis?

No. It won’t happen and has never happened. There are some stories in Internet about this, but all are false. There is no real documentation about any cases where a person was stuck in Hypnosis.

Some people enjoy so much the Hypnosis state that they might want to stay there for a few more minutes, but they are never stuck. After a few minutes they will be back to conscious level.

What’s the first step before you visit an Hypnotherapist?

Call and ask questions. A good Hypnotist will answer most of your questions and say “I don’t know but I will find out” to the ones he/she does not know.

At NLP Hypnosis Centre you get a free consultation by phone, Skype or we can even go to your home, business or office and clarify your doubts and explain to you what we can or cannot do for you.

You must be able to have a positive rapport with your Hypnotist. This is very important.

If for some reason you don’t feel comfortable with him/her, or you don’t like his/her voice or how he/she acts, then look for another one.

We at NLP Hypnosis know that rapport is a very important key and that’s one of the reasons why we offer a free consultation, no obligation. You can decide if you want to continue or not. We, also, can decide if we want you as a client or not. Of course like in any profession, we reserve the right to say “Sorry, we cannot work with you”.

Ask about your rights and the code of ethics. You can see our Code of Ethics here – NLP Hypnosis Centre Code of Ethics.

Check you local Better Business Bureau for problems or complaints.

How do I know that I was hypnotized?

Let me clarify first, what won’t happen in Hypnosis:

  • You will not be unconscious.
  • You will always be in control.
  • You will be aware of your surroundings.
  • It is not a spiritual experience, although some Hypnotists promote this, we at NLP Hypnosis Centre see it as powerful and safe technique to help you create positive changes in your life.

What will you feel in a Hypnosis session:

  • You will be deeply relaxed.
  • You will be in a focused state (in the solution of your problem).
  • You might — might – loose track of the time.
  • You might — might – forget a couple of things the Hypnotherapist says, but not all.

Some clients after a Hypnosis session say … “I never felt hypnotized, it was more like a talk” … and yes some times it feels that way, but the talk was not with your conscious mind but with your subconscious and you will start to see and feel results right the way.

One of the first positive results of any good hypnosis session is that you will feel relaxed and energetic at the same time.

What is NGH?

The National Guild of Hypnotists, NGH, is one of the oldest and more prestigious organizations about Hypnosis.

We are member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, NLP Global Standards and the Association Collegial of Professional Hypnosis.

Is Hypnosis safe?

Yes, Hypnosis is a safe technique. Of course like in any profession you want a Hypnotherapist, a Hypnotist, or Consulting Hypnotist that has been trained by a recognized and well known organization, like the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) or the Association Collegial of Professional Hypnosis (ACPH) for example. There are others out there with good reports. We strongly believe in NGH and ACPH and of course we are members of those organizations.

Things that are not true about Hypnosis.

  • There is no mind control.
  • It is not diabolical.
  • Doe not make you do thing against your will.
  • You cannot get stuck for ever.

Think about, if Hypnotherapists, Hypnotists, Consulting Hypnotists, Heath Care Professionals that use Hypnosis in their practices, have the power to control others …. shouldn’t all of them be very powerful, rich and famous?

I could make people do for me things for free or make friends and family do only what I want to.

It does not happen. We, Hypnotists, have not special powers. We cannot control minds.

Of course some Hypnotists are famous and rich but because they are very smart business people and because they apply to themselves what they teach others to become more positive, self-confident and more open to the abundance life can offer you.

Is Hypnosis a miracle cure?

No, not at all. Is a technique that if used properly can help you make powerful positive changes in your life, but it is not a cure and certainly it is not a miracle. Is a powerful technique that helps you connect with your subconscious.

Is Stage Hypnosis the same as Hypnotherapy?

No. They both use Hypnosis but with different goals in mind.

Stage Hypnosis is basically an entertainment … just to have fun … people who are hypnotized in a stage hypnosis show do crazy things because they want, not because the Hypnotist make then do it.

Of course a Hypnotist that does stage hypnosis is also a good actor/actress in the sense that part of the show is to look like he/she makes people do crazy things.

How Stage Hypnosis works?

Basically a Hypnotist will do several tests with the volunteers and choose the ones who are more easy to hypnotize and the ones the hypnotist feel are willing to be part of the show.

A point here … the Hypnotist does not look for ignorant, stupid or gullible people … these are usually very difficult to hypnotize.

If you go to a stage show pay attention how the hypnotist choose between volunteers. Usually people who react very positive to the tests and people who love to participate.

And if you have the opportunity and if you go to a stage hypnosis show … be a volunteer so you will see there is no control or power. Just have fun and enjoy the entertainment.

Of course like in any profession they are those who prepare the whole show and nothing is real, but again in most cases is just a very smart Hypnotist and very smart and willing volunteers.

People who participate in Stage Hypnosis shows do it to enjoy themselves, and they can blame the Hypnotist for the crazy things they did, so they do it willingly … there is no such thing as he/she made me do it.

Is Hypnosis a asleep state?

No. Although some times when you see a hypnotized person he/she looks that way.

We Hypnotists are guilty of this misconception as many still use the phrase “Sleep” … “Sleep, go under Hypnosis?

You are never asleep. You are never under Hypnosis.

You are in a state that is very similar to when you are “almost sleeping” or when you are waking up from normal sleep. It is very similar but not the same.

You are in Hypnosis when you are able to connect with your subconscious. When you are sleeping you are not doing that.

Does Hypnosis work?

If you mean … Can I create positive changes using Hypnosis?

The answer is yes.

There is a lot of discussion of how Hypnosis works and there is no real scientific consensus in how Hypnosis really works.

We at NLP Hypnosis Centre know it works, because we use it in our personal lives to create positive changes. With family members, friends and of course we have seen the powerful positive changes in our clients.

Does it work 100%?

No. It does not. I have mention it before. It is a team work between the client and the Hypnotherapist and some times the rapport does not happen and there is no success in reaching the goal.

Hypnotherapists, Hypnotists, Consulting Hypnotists, Health Care Professionals using Hypnosis are basically “guides” … we help you to get there, because we know how to reach your subconscious, but the real power is in you. You are the key, the real power is already in you, we help you to re-connect with it … that’s basically our power.

We are a guide … a Life Coach … you are the power behind the success.

Of course the Hypnotist has to be well trained and know what she/he is doing, that’s important too.

I always tell people who is curious about Hypnosis … The first question you ask to the Hypnotist you are planning to see is “Can you make me … “

If he/she says “yes”, look for someone else. No Hypnotist “can make you do something” It is not about control.

If you ask me “Can you make me do … ?”

My answer will be. No, I cannot. Certainly I can help you eliminate unhealthy habits and create positive ones, but I cannot control you, or make you do something you don’t want to do.

You must want to do the change.

About your purchase, regarding our Hypnosis, NLP and/or Life Coaching PDFs, audios/videos bough in ClickBank Market Place?

First. Thank you for your purchase. We are totally sure you will enjoy it and the program will help you to reach your goals. You have a total guarantee of 60 days, no questions. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please email ClickBank.com and they will return your money no questions asked.

We are totally proud of our products and services we provide, but we know that some times, for one reason or another people might not be satisfied. No problem at all.

Our goal is to help clients to become happier, healthier and more successful. If you are happy with our products, wonderful. If you are not, you will get your money back. No questions asked.

In any case please feel free to send us an email to express your opinion, good or bad. They both help us to provide clients with better products.

We at NLP Hypnosis Centre are passionated about what we do, about our products, the services we provide and the techniques we use. We use NLP, Hypnosis and Life Coaching. We use them in our own life and with family and friends. We use Hypnosis, NLP and Life Coaching in ourselves to become better human beings and create positive outcomes.

The key for you is to realize that there is no miracle here … it is matter of us using the techniques in the proper way and you following the instructions. It is a team work.