Hypnosis Can Make You …

Some clarification about being “under” Hypnosis.

• You are never “under” Hypnosis … you are always “in”, meaning you always have the control.
• Your mind is never blank.
• You are in a more focused state.
• Hypnosis is very similar a day dreaming.
• There is no magic.
• It is not diabolic
• The Hypnotist cannot make you do something against your moral principles.

Hypnosis Can Change Your Life
In Hypnosis You Are Always In Control

Once I was talking to a friend who is a mechanic, and joking about the power some people say we, Hypnotists have. I said, “Image that it were true that we can control your mind and make you do things, I would hypnotize you and give you the suggestion that from now on you are not going to charge Olivier for any repairs you do to my car.”

He looked at me … mmmmm maybe I shouldn’t be talking to you, Olivier .. and we both laughed.

No, we Hypnotists, cannot make you do anything … really is a team work.

Hypnosis can help you change those limiting belief that are causing you problems in life.

The Hypnotist can help you make changes in your life, but you have to want to make the changes first.