NLP Hypnosis Centre Low Prices.

NLP Hypnosis Centre … Volunteer Work

NLP Hypnosis Centre … Low Prices

What we do at NLP Hypnosis Centre?

Yesterday at conference someone asked me if we do special prices for people out of work and/or those who are having financial problems.

The answer is yes, of course we do.

If you or someone you know can benefit from our services please contact us and we will gladly help. The same if you know of any organization to which we can be helpful.

NLP Hypnosis Centre can be found by Skype “nlphypnosiscentre” or by phone 519-495-6405 or by email at
Note: if we did not answer immediately is because we are with a client or at a conference … please leave a message, we will return your call within 24 hours.

Of course you can always visit us at our office at 151 York Street, London, Ontario, Canada (by appointment only).

NLP Hypnosis Centre is dedicated to assist people and businesses reach their potential … their human, professional and business potential.

We use several techniques including Personal Training (Life Coaching), Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP) and Hypnosis.

Our goal is to help you feel better, healthier, more happiness and peace and achieve greater success in your personal, professional or business life.

Obviously we promote the use of hypnosis as it is a very powerful technique to create positive changes in your life.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of focused relaxation on where you have better access to your subconscious and therefore changes may be easier and powerful.

For example … the next time you feel sad … remember, see, imagine, feel, physically and mentally an experience where you felt very happy … see that image for a few minutes, feel the smells/aromas … experience in your mind and body that experience again … watch your mood change … your are accessing your subconscious … and accessing your subconscious part of a hypnosis session … remembering to associate positive experiences help us change our mood.

Is it bad to have access to your subconscious?

No not at all. We do it all the time unconsciously … for example when we drive a car, since all the information on how to use your feet and hands to operate is there. When suddenly it occurs to us to do something we have not done a long time, like riding a bicycle for example, and after a few minutes of doubts, we do it again … we have drawn from our subconscious the knowledge of riding a bike.

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

It is a technique that helps us better communicate with ourselves and understand why others do or interpret something differently than we do. Uses communication with our subconscious and uses the language. It is very similar to hypnosis, but it is not hypnosis.

What is Personal Training and Life Coaching?

It is helping a person to develop their potential in a positive way. It can help in personal, professional or business form.

There are any methods for doing Life Coaching, at NLP Hypnosis Centre we use what is known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming Personal Coaching

Can all of these techniques be used for evil or manipulate?


If you look around you will find that many priests, pastors, politicians, leaders use these techniques … some for good, others for bad … we can see the use of these techniques in many commercials … analyze and think Why do you buy the clothes you wear, why do you drink or eat certain products? Why you are on Facebook or any other social network?

All human knowledge can be used for good or bad … for good or evil. We are all susceptible to the influence of suggestion. We all know a doctor or psychologist or pastor or priest who used their knowledge to do evil. Many have seen as a knife can kill someone. But we also met doctors, psychologists, pastors and priests who have done good things for mankind.

Like everything important is that you if you go to a doctor … you look for a professional … if you are going to visit a hypnotist … go to a professional.
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