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Who can be hypnotized?

Who can be hypnotized?

Is Hypnosis only for dumb people?

Is Hypnosis only for smart people?

Who can be hypnotized? How can I protect myself from hypnosis?

Who can be hypnotized? How can I protect myself from hypnosis?

Who can be hypnotized? How can I protect myself from hypnosis?

Posted on May 5, 2018 by NLP Hypnosis Centre.
Olivier Hidalgo

Who can be hypnotized?

These are some of the questions and comments I receive most frequently.

Can all people be hypnotized?

How can I protect myself from hypnosis?

How can you protect me from being hypnotized?

They can not hypnotize me because I’m very smart

They can not hypnotize me because I am very analytical.

The smarter the easier to hypnotize.


Almost all (although in theory it is said all) can enter into hypnosis. Some very easily and are chosen as volunteers in the Stage Hypnosis. It takes more time and practice for others.

The best way to protect yourself against hypnosis is to learn hypnosis … and experience hypnosis by entering hypnosis at least once.

Very analytical people can certainly enter into hypnosis.

There is no scientific evidence of a direct correlation between hypnosis and greater or lesser intelligence.

Long explanation.

Let’s start by defining what hypnosis is.

Hypnosis is a technique that leads to the hypnotic state, sometimes called hypnotic trance.

The hypnotic state is a state of total concentration. A state of total focus on something, someone or a goal. During the hypnotic state you more easily access your subconscious by temporarily dismissing the Critical Factor or Critical Faculty. During the hypnotic state you accept suggestions more easily.

During the hypnotic state – or during hypnosis – so-called hypnotic phenomena can occur, such as forgetting numbers, forgetting your name, seeing things that are not there or not seeing things that are there, such as having a shoe in your hand and not seeing it. These hypnotic phenomena are widely used in stage hypnosis.

The subconscious does not distinguish between true or false, between truth and lie. Accept information based on experience, authority and familiarity. For example, if during your childhood, several adults, teachers and relatives told you that you should not study engineering because you are not good with numbers. Your mind, your subconscious, accepts this as true, although in reality it was false and not based on any scientific study of what you can or cannot do.

And interestingly during his life … it will cost him the math, not because it is true that it is difficult for him, but because his subconscious is convinced that it is difficult for him.

In Stage Hypnosis, the hypnotist after doing several tests, after making a volunteer enter and exit several times of hypnosis, he makes the suggestion to the volunteer that he will not be able to remember a number, let’s say number 6 and make him count and he will forget the number 6


Because at that moment your subconscious is convinced that you cannot remember the number 6.

When I have done these experiments with clients, I ask them … What happened? What did you feel?

Many say, I knew number 6, I had it on the tip of my tongue, but I could not say it.

Have you ever happened to you that you have something “on the tip of your tongue”, but cannot remember what it was?

Sometimes I even ask them to write the number and they cannot do it.

It is simple and complex at the same time … the subconscious mind is convinced that the number 6 has been forgotten. Let us state that it is a temporary phenomenon.

And an interesting fact is that if a hypnotist does this test with someone whose life depends on numbers, say an Accountant, it will be more difficult, not impossible, to achieve this hypnotic phenomenon and sometimes it will not.

In theory, every person can be hypnotized with some exceptions. Because we can all concentrate. Of course there are people who for medical, physical or psychological reasons cannot or will not concentrate and therefore it would be more difficult for them to enter into hypnosis.

On the other hand it is not advisable to use hypnosis, without the full assistance of a medical expert, in people with mental problems, people with heart problems or with epilepsy.

And watch out … do not “play hypnosis” with children under 7 years old. It is said that at that age children accept suggestions very easily and therefore you can cause a lot of harm. Of course if you are a health care professional with experience in hypnosis or a professional hypnotist with experience in how to treat children is another story.

Among hypnotists we say that the best hypnotists in the world are parents because they have a lot of influence on the child’s subconscious mind.

Some hypnotists use … the more intelligent, the easier to hypnotize, but in reality there is no scientific proof that this is valid.

Similarly those who are against hypnosis, say … only the weak mind, ignorant people or easy to control and manipulate easily enter into hypnosis. There is also no scientific proof that this is valid.

There is no evidence that the smarter, the easier it is to enter hypnosis. Nor that only the ignorant, weak-minded or easy to manipulate or control then be hypnotized.

When someone asks me … How can I protect myself from someone who wants to hypnotize me, or control my mind and manipulate me?

For starters, hypnosis is not mind control. No one can force you to do something against your moral principles when you are in hypnosis or during the hypnotic state.

How to protect you against hypnosis?

Learn hypnosis.

When you learn hypnosis, you realize that hypnosis is not magic, that hypnosis is not a special power, that hypnosis is not enchantments, that hypnosis is not witchcraft.

When learning hypnosis, you understand that it is false that a hypnotist seeing you in the eyes can control you. This point is very interesting. I found many times that during a conversation someone asks me what do you for living, and if I answer “I am a hypnotist” … they immediately change the direction of their gaze, avoiding eye contact.

By learning hypnosis, you learn a little more (there is still much to learn) how your mind works, how suggestion works, how words, gestures and actions of others can influence your decisions.

For example, when I see a TV ad … I can better see who the ad is for and how the message goes to your mind and emotions.

Have you seen ads that you do not like, that you hate them? … I bet you remember what brand or company they were.

Have you seen ads that you liked a lot … do you wonder what emotions the ad creates on you?

Have you seen ads that have no influence on you … neither liked it nor hate it, were you indifferent? … Most likely you will not even remember who they were (these are the least effective in advertising).

Why do I mention ads when we are talking about hypnosis?

Because when learning hypnosis and how hypnosis really works you learn to see how your mind works and how others, whether for commercial, political, social or religious purposes, use principles related to the mind to influence you.

I always say … see and pay attention on YouTube to a video of Stage Hypnosis … then observe and pay attention to one of preaching – and especially healing – done by a religious leader.

You will find many similarities.

Blessings and Peace Profound,

Olivier Hidalgo
NLP Hypnosis Centre.
London, Ontario. Canada.

Invitation To Pray and Meditate For Peace In The World.

Invitation To Pray and Meditate For Peace In The World.

Invitation to pray and meditate for peace in the world.

Observation … this is not a prayer chain. I do not believe in prayer chains. This is an invitation to pray with your heart, to meditate, to send positive energy for peace in the world.

This is an invitation for everyone to pray for peace in the world. No matter your religion, if you are a Christian, or practice Islam or any other religion or meditation or sending positive energy.

This is an invitation to dedicate every Thursday, 11PM hour of London, Ontario, Canada, to pray and meditate for peace in the world, for all the victims of wars and violence and their families.

It is not a prayer chain. It is not repetition like parrots. It is to pray with your heart, with concentration on your interpretation of God … all … everyone. To meditate, to send positive energy to all.

It is meditating with the heart for peace in the world.

It is to send our positive energy, love and peace, to the whole world.

Five or ten minutes of total concentration and dedication to send our love, our positive energy for peace in the world.

Personally, I pray for peace in the world … every day. In my case as a Christian I believe in the power of group prayer. Not a sectarian prayer, but a real prayer that comes from the heart.

As a student of mysticism and esoterism, which I have been since my youth, I believe that we are all connected and when we send thoughts of love and peace to others, this helps them.

As a hypnotist and practitioner of Meditation and Reiki, I have learned that by sending positive energy to others we help, and the more people participate, the more powerful.

Clarification. I mention here about hypnosis, mysticism, esoterism, etc … because I know that I have friends and clients who are not Christians, or do not believe in a particular interpretation of God, or are atheists or other beliefs.

Blessings and Peace Profound.
Olivier Hidalgo
NLP Hypnosis Centre.
London, Ontario. Canada.

¿Can a person pretend to be hypnotized?

¿Can a person pretend to be hypnotized?

Can a person pretend to be hypnotized?

Certainly a person can pretend to be hypnotized. In Hypnotherapy or Motivational Hypnosis, or Consulting Hypnotism it does not make sense for a person to pretend to be hypnotized, but it can happen in Stage Hypnosis.

In Stage Hypnosis, the hypnotist tests the audience to determine who could choose to volunteer. These tests aim to determine who can enter hypnosis very easily.

In hypnotherapy or motivational hypnosis or consulting hypnotism it does not matter if the client or patient takes a little time to enter hypnosis. In Stage Hypnosis the hypnosis is looking for volunteers who enter in hypnosis very fast and easily.

A person who has ideas or has seen hypnosis presentations can pretend to be hypnotized. A hypnotist can often detect who pretends, but sometimes not. In my personal experience when I have attended stage hypnosis presentations by hypnotist friends I have seen people fake in the initial tests to be chosen as volunteers. Until now, the stage hypnotist has been able to detect these people who pretend and not choose them as volunteers or send them back to the public if they had already chosen them.

But sometimes, even hypnotists with a lot of experience, do not realize a person is pretending.

If you search for videos of America’s Got Talent on YouTube you can find the videos when Howie Mandel was hypnotized by Chris Jones and when Chris Jones tried to hypnotize Michael Bublé.

Let’s start by saying that it is difficult to judge a TV program and especially the calls of reality, which often have nothing of reality. On TV, everything is generally prepared.

But assuming that everything that happened was real … Chris Jones, a very experienced show hypnotist, failed to detect the deception of Michael Bublé.

Obviously Michael Bublé attitude and action at that time showed much lack of professionalism. Obviously he wanted to excel and impress at the expense of the prestige of Chris Jones.

Like Michael Bublé there are people who go to stage hypnosis presentations, in order to show off, seek to be chosen as volunteers and pretend during the whole presentation.

Fortunately, there are not many and they can be detected. In the case of Chris Jones and Michael Bublé it was more difficult, because probably Chris Jones never expected a childish attitude, arrogant and very unprofessional Michael Bublé.

There are many people who say … I am very intelligent, very analytical … I cannot be hypnotized.

Which is false, an intelligent, analytical person can enter into hypnosis.

Nor is it true … the more intelligent, the easier to hypnotize. As far as I know, there is no scientific evidence to show a direct correlation between intelligence and ability to enter into hypnosis.

Hypnosis is total concentration. It is totally focused concentration. Concentration totally focused on something, someone, a goal. Therefore if you can concentrate, if you can imagine … you can enter into hypnosis.

Do you mean that if a person does not enter into hypnosis is because he is not intelligent or is stupid or has no ability to concentrate?

No. What I am saying is that there is no scientific proof of a direct relationship between hypnosis and intelligence. Nor is it true that only naive, ignorant or very low level of intelligence are easy to hypnotize. None of the extremes.

In principle if you can imagine, concentrate and visualize you can enter into hypnosis.

Of course a person can also pretend to enter into hypnosis … I think if Chris Jones had had more time he could have detected Michael Bublé’s childishness.

In the end, who pretends is the one who makes a fool of himself, demonstrates his ignorance about hypnosis.

Blessings and Peace Profound,

Olivier Hidalgo

NLP Hypnosis Centre.

London, Ontario. Canada.

Ex Hypnotist talks about Hypnosis and Christianity. The dangers of Hypnosis for Christians.

Ex Hypnotist talks about Hypnosis and Christianity. The dangers of Hypnosis for Christians.

Ex hypnotist talks about Hypnosis and Christianity. The dangers of Hypnosis for Christians.

As a hypnotist I’m always learning more and looking for ideas on how to best serve my clients and during one of those information searches I found a person who says …

Ex-hypnotist talks about the dangers of Hypnosis and how Hypnosis is against Christianity. The dangers of hypnosis for a Christian

Let’s start by clarifying … I’m a hypnotist. I’m a Christian. I practice hypnosis every day. I practice self-hypnosis every day.

A person who calls himself an ex-hypnotist and who talks about how hypnosis is dangerous to a Christian, Christianity or any other person, is quite likely that he has never been a hypnotist and never practiced hypnosis … and does not understand the Bible.

And much more if to justify his points use stage hypnosis videos and says … look how the volunteers have her hands stuck together, look the hypnotist has total control on everyone on the show, look you can feel that there is demoniac presence, demons are helping the hypnotist to create these supernatural phenomena, hypnosis looks like demonic possession.

Let’s clarify some points.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a technique that leads to the hypnotic state (sometimes called hypnotic trance) where you reach a high degree of concentration. Your mind is totally focused on something, someone or a goal. During the hypnotic state you access your subconscious more easily and accept suggestions more easily.

The hypnotic phenomena has nothing of supernatural or diabolic. They are the result of the power of your mind and suggestion.

In Stage Hypnosis this hypnotic state is used to create hypnotic phenomena, such as that a person forgets numbers, names, or that sees things that do not exist, or does not see things that are in front of the person.

Hypnotherapy, Motivational Hypnosis and Stage Hypnosis use the same technique, hypnosis – totally focused concentration.

If you have seen videos on YouTube about Stage Hypnosis, you will notice that even in hypnosis people move, laugh, do things they would not normally do, as long as they are not against their moral principles.

How does a Stage Hypnosis show work?

I will try not to be too long in my explanation.

The Stage Hypnotist conducts a series of test with the audience to find out possible volunteers. These test are usually fingers that get closer to each other, hands stuck, arm levitation.

Then he or she choose volunteers between those you reacted more positive to the test.

These tests have nothing magical, they are simply tests that help the hypnotist to choose volunteers. Just the power of your mind. The power of suggestion.

When the hypnotist has already chosen the volunteers, you will notice that he hypnotizes them several times. The Stage Hypnotist takes the volunteers in and out of hypnosis several times.I imagine that you know that the more we do something, the more efficient we become. The same with hypnosis, the more I enter in hypnosis, the easier it will be next time.

Again nothing magic, no sorcery, no enchantments, no demons, no demoniac possession.

What is the key to success in Stage Hypnosis?

– An experienced hypnotist, training. Who knows what he or she is doing.

– A volunteer who enters very easily in hypnosis. Generally people with very good imagination, who can visualize very easily.

There is no magic, there are no enchantments, there is no devil helping the hypnotist.

Everything is a matter of understanding a bit how the mind works, the suggestion and hypnosis.

A hypnotist, an ex-hypnotist who does not understand how Stage Hypnosis works is obviously not a hypnotist, it would be like calling a carpenter someone who has no idea how a hammer works.

Anyone who has really practiced hypnosis, who has done hypnotherapy, who has helped clients or patients to experience hypnosis knows three very important things.

– A hypnotist never has total control over a patient or a client.

– Hypnosis is total concentration. It is totally focused attention. I always mention as an example when we look for our glasses and we have them on … and we do not feel them, nor do we see them. Or when we are looking for our car key and we have it in our hand … but we do not feel it, nor do we see it. Both are phenomena very similar to those that occur during the hypnotic state in hypnosis and particularly in Stage Hypnosis.

– Hypnotherapy, Motivational Hypnosis and Stage Hypnosis use the same technique, hypnosis. Certainly the goals are different.

A hypnotist could become an ex hypnotist and say … well, it was not what I expected. It does not work 100%, it does not have all the power that I expected. I accept that because many people approach hypnosis believing that it is a magical power or that they will be able to cure everyone with hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a power mind technique, but is not for every thing and does not work all the time.

A hypnotist, ex hypnotist who says … I become an ex-hypnotist, because hypnosis is demonic, there are demons helping the hypnotist, hypnosis is a door for demonic possession, obviously does not know what hypnosis is, does not know how the mind work, does not know that there is no mention in the Bible about the word Hypnosis or what hypnosis is.

The so called ex hypnotist has probably never been a hypnotist and never practiced hypnosis. Someone who calls himself an ex-hypnotist and who does not know how stage hypnosis works has never been a hypnotist.

A person who calls himself or herself an ex hypnotist and believes that hypnosis is enchantments, witchcraft, magic, special power … it is more than obvious that he does not know what hypnosis is.

I wonder how a person who has no idea how hypnosis work, or how Stage Hypnosis works or how the mind works would call himself an ex hypnotist?

Those who attack hypnosis say it is enchantments or witchcraft, which is against the Bible.

Well hypnosis is not enchantments, witchcraft, or magic … and the word hypnosis is not found in the Bible. What is hypnosis is not contrary to the Bible. Nowhere in the Bible, in the Old Testament, or in the New Testament will you find anything against focused concentration.

Hypnosis is a technique that takes us to the hypnotic state that is a state of totally focused concentration. A person who has his mind fully focused may believe that his hand is stuck to a table, or not see something that exists and everything is the result of his mind is totally focused on something else and has accepted suggestions about it.

As I have mentioned many times, a hypnotist, during a stage hypnosis, makes hypnosis look like magic … because it is part of the show. There is no magic or demons involved, just the power of you mind, the power of suggestion and a hypnotist that knows what he is doing.

Think of a very basic and simple fact. If hypnosis were total mind control, if a hypnotist had the help of occult forces or the help of demons, why a hypnotist would spend this time and energy on a stage hypnosis show and earn a few hundred dollars … when he could be better to control the mind of many people, control them and earn millions of dollars and even dominate the world?

The answer is simple hypnosis is not mind control … you cannot control the world using hypnosis. Hypnosis does not open your mind to the control of others or to demonic possession.

I repeat

In Stage Hypnosis, the hypnotist always chooses people who enter hypnosis very easily – and that’s why it seems like magic – also, if you watch a video of hypnosis, it makes volunteers enter hypnosis several times. The more times you enter into hypnosis, the easier it is. And it always starts with easy suggestions and little by little it is leading the volunteers to more difficult suggestions.

Can Hypnosis be dangerous?

Again … hypnosis is a technique. A person who practices hypnosis and does not know what he is doing could be dangerous, as it can be a doctor or dentist who does not know what he is doing, so I always recommend if you want to experience hypnosis find a Health Care Professional who practices and has experience in hypnosis or a Professional Hypnotist or a Consulting Hypnotist.

The Health Care Professional who has training in Hypnosis, the Consulting Hypnotist, the Professional of Hypnosis, the State Hypnotist, the all use the same technique, hypnosis.

Is just a matter of training and experience.

Is like a Doctor and the scalpel … all Doctors know how to use a scalpel, but some of them do not use it very often, others use it every day … who you would trust more?

Every country, every province, every state has different laws and regulations in how the technique, hypnosis, can be used by a Health Care Professional or a person who is trained in Hypnosis but is not a Health Care Professional.

Can Stage Hypnosis be dangerous?

No. If you attend a presentation by a hypnotist with training and experience.

Yes. If you “play” with hypnosis with someone who does not know what you are doing, but the dangers are not demoniac related.

There is no scientific evidence of any one suffering demoniac possession because of hypnosis. None.

Let’s put a very clear point. Any technique that involves the mind can be dangerous, but not because it involves demons, or demonic possession, but because the person who uses the technique does not know what he is doing. The same can be said of any technique. Even the Bible can be dangerous when it is used to manipulate and control others. A doctor or a psychologist could be dangerous if he is incompetent.

Hypnosis is a technique that can help you a lot. The best part is that you can learn more how your mind works and therefore learn more how to protect yourself from those who want to manipulate or control you.

Again, a hypnotist, who does not know how spectacle hypnosis works, is not a hypnotist. He cannot call himself a Ex Hypnotist. Be careful not to be fooled by so much false information on the Internet and YouTube. A person who calls himself an ex-hypnotist and talks about demons and enchantments, has no idea how the mind works and much less what hypnosis is.

And I invite you to look up the word hypnosis in the Bible and look in the Bible where mention is made of concentrating in a totally focused way (hypnosis). You will not find anything bad about it.

Hypnosis is not against Christianity. Entering the hypnotic state does not make you susceptible to diabolical possession (it would be like saying that concentrating watching TV opens you up to demonic possession).

If you have doubts always consult your doctor first, especially if you are under medical or psychological treatment, if you have heart problems or suffer from epilepsy. Check with your religious leader if that makes you feel better, but please make sure your religious leader, whether a Priest, Pastor or Minister … really knows what hypnosis is, not someone who tells you what someone else has told him and he has no idea what hypnosis is and how the mind works.

Two types of Hypnotist or Ex Hypnotist to be aware … the one who exaggerate,s who said hypnosis is a cure all technique. Those who said hypnosis is enchantment or sorcery. Both do not know what is hypnosis is … be aware.

Blessings and Peace Profound.

Olivier Hidalgo.

NLP Hypnosis Centre.

London, Ontario. Canada.

The Bible could save the world. The Bible could bring peace to the world.

The Bible could save the world. The Bible could bring peace to the world.

The Bible could save the world. The Bible could bring peace to the world.
Posted on April 22, 2018 by Olivier Hidalgo

The Bible could could save the world. The Bible could bring peace to the world.

Let’s start by clarifying three things:

I am not talking about religion, nor promoting any religion. In fact Jesus was a Jew, as far as I know He never gave up his religion and never tried to form another religion. I’m not talking about Christianity. I’m talking about the message of Jesus.

The Bible is not the word of God. God is not wrong and the Bible has mistakes. Of course your religious leaders will say that I am wrong, because saying that the Bible is the word of God is how the different Christian religions control and manipulate their followers. That being said the above does not take away the value and power of the message of the Bible to contribute to peace in the world and the improvement of the human being in peace, love and tolerance.

The Bible is inspiration, it is man’s interpretation of what God, who He is and what He wants from us and therefore seek inspiration in it. Being the Bible, an inspiration we should look for in it that … inspiration and guidance, not an interpretation at the letter.

For example.

Matthew 5:30

30 And if your right hand causes you to fall, cut it off and throw it away from you; for it is better for you to lose one of your members, and not for your whole body to be thrown into hell.

Questions … Does it really tell us to cut our hand, literally? Does it really say that our body can go to hell … and how about if I die and I am cremated and my ashes end in the sea, how is my body going to go somewhere?

That is, we can not seek to interpret literally … we must look for inspiration.

If you are a Christian, read the Bible from head to toe, compare the Old and New Testaments, compare what the Evangelists say … seek inspiration, seek guidance. Of course it is good to consult our religious leaders, but in the end think for yourself, do not let yourself be manipulated by leaders, seek the guidance of religious leaders and the inspiration of God … and decide based on inspiration from God.

Even more if you are open-minded, you like to learn and seek the truth. I invite you to read other sacred books of other non-Christian religions, before and after Jesus. Compare, see the similarities, the differences … learn that through the history of humanity there have been many religions, many interpretations of God.

Three things that can greatly help the world peace and humanity if you read and above all “put into practice” what is mentioned in the Bible.

Jesus spoke of love, tolerance and forgiveness. It is important to practice these three things in our relationship with other human beings and with ourselves.

Some people say … I forgive, but I do not forget. Well, that is not forgiveness. When you forgive, you must forget. Forgetting means you will not be happy about the evil that happens to the one who caused you harm. Forgetting means that you will be happy about the triumph in that person’s life. Obviously forgetting does not mean that if someone has treated you badly, you will continue to allow you to be treated badly.

The Bible says that “everything” that we ask will be granted, then why not pray for peace, for love and tolerance in the world, instead of beating your chest, condemning others and claiming that the end of the world is coming.

In the Bible we are told about our connection with God, with the Universe, how having faith can move mountains.

Did Jesus talk about really moving mountains?

No. He was talking about moving all those mountains, those prejudices, those false beliefs that prevent us from relating better with humanity and with God. And when I speak of beliefs I do not mean only false religious beliefs, but also false beliefs about life, our prejudices.

How is you day? Do you really follow the message of Jesus daily, from dawn till night, or only when it is convenient to you?

If you read the New Testament you will find that Jesus spent some time meditating in prayer, but most of His time was spent in putting what He preached into practice, and criticizing those who passed praising God, but they did not put religious teachings into practice. In reality He did not criticize the Jewish religion with the intention of creating another religion, he criticized the Jews who passed their time praying but did not practice love and tolerance towards others.

In short, the message of this is … put into practice the messages of Jesus. Be a source of peace, of love, of tolerance, of help to other human beings.

Mind you, I am not telling you to be perfect, nobody is, I am simply telling you to put the message of Jesus into practice in the Bible to create a world with greater peace, love and tolerance.

Blessings and Profound Peace,

Olivier Hidalgo

NLP Hypnosis Centre.
London, Ontario. Canada.

Is Hypnosis real? Does Hypnosis work? Uses of Hypnosis?

Is Hypnosis real? Does Hypnosis work? Uses of Hypnosis?

Is Hypnosis real? Does Hypnosis work? What can Hypnosis be used for?

Short version … If it works. If it is real, there are scientific studies that show it. It can be very useful in many health problems, physical and mental, such as chronic pain, phobias, motivation, quitting smoking, elimination of bad habits, control of addictions such as pornography for example, reduction and weight control among others.

Large version.

If you think that hypnosis is that with a snap of my fingers I can sleep (hypnotize) a person, put him/her totally under my control, do with person what I want, even exploit him or abuse him physically or sexually … well that it is not hypnosis.

If with the use of hypnosis I could totally control the minds of people then I would be a millionaire keeping many people under my control.

If you think that hypnosis is a magic power, hidden, enchantments, demonic possession … a magic force promoted by the devil or diabolical demoniac entities … well that’s not hypnosis either.

So what is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is concentration totally focused on something, someone, or a goal. Hypnosis causes the hypnotic state where you more easily access your subconscious and therefore you can accept suggestions more easily and thus you create positive changes that will help your physical and mental health. Or as an instrument in better personal development, or in your profession or your work.

The Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist is a guide, a coach that helps you enter in hypnosis or self-hypnosis so you can enjoy the hypnotic state and create positive changes in your life.

In the last 50 years more studies have been done that show how hypnosis affects our mind and body. If you do a search for scientific articles you will find positive information about hypnosis.

Certainly there is still a lot to learn, but we know that hypnosis is real and that hypnosis works, of course not 100%.

The first thing is that hypnosis is a technique. It is not magic, it is not special power, it is not enchantments.

The technique itself is very easy to learn. Using it properly and effectively involves training and experience, so that’s why you must consult with a Health Care Professionals that practices hypnosis or a Professional of Hypnosis, or a Consulting Hypnotist. Always check credentials, testimonials, experience and memberships.

It is important to note that hypnosis suffers from two extremes … those that say it is not real, it does not work, it is diabolical. And those who go to the other extreme and say with hypnosis you can cure everything, it is miraculous, hypnosis is a especial power and with it you can achieve everything in life.

Both sides are false. Hypnosis is not magic, hypnosis is no demonic, hypnosis is not special power, hypnosis does not cure everything, hypnosis is not a magic pill, and hypnosis does not work 100%.

If you have seen a Stage Hypnosis show probably you observed people who seem to be under the control of the hypnotist, who do things they would not normally do, hands that stick, people who forget names, people who do not see what is in front of them or who see something that does not exist.

Is this hypnosis?

Yes it is, and certainly it happens that during hypnosis a person can see something that does not exist, or not see something that exists. It’s all about understanding more how hypnosis works and how the mind works.

Let me give you some simple examples.

If you wear glasses. Has it ever happened that you are looking for your glasses and you have them on?

So you did not see your glasses, even when they were there.

Have you ever been looking for your car keys and suddenly realize that you have them in your hand?

So for a few seconds or minutes you have what is called a negative hallucination … you did not see or did not feel something that was there.

Have you ever conversed with people who are so closed in their beliefs that they do not see what others see?

Many smokers believe that smoking relaxes, which it is totally false … but the interesting thing is that it certainly relaxes them.

These are all very similar to hypnosis in the sense that the person’s mind is totally focused on an idea or a belief.

What has this useful or good for you? How Hypnosis can help you?

Hypnosis can use the power of your mind, the power of your imagination, the power of your subconscious to help you change beliefs that are negative for your life in positive ones.

If you have beliefs (and I do not mean religious beliefs, but things that you believe are true or false) that limit your life, hypnosis can help you establish what is true or false about that belief.

It can help you with chronic pains. It will not cure them but it will help control and reduce the sensation of pain. It can help you control and manage your weight. To stop smoking. To change negative habits, it can help you with addictions, for example Hypnosis can help you with addiction to pornography and other addictions.

It can help you with fears, phobias, depression, sleep better, relax, motivation, greater concentration in your studies or work.

Hypnosis can help you in your personal motivation.

There is much, much more positive to say about hypnosis, but to not do this extra long, we leave it here for the time being. I hope this will clarify your doubts about hypnosis.

Blessings and Profound Peace,

Olivier Hidalgo
NLP Hypnosis Centre.
London, Ontario. Canada.

Christianity and Hypnosis. A Christian and Hypnosis.

Christianity and Hypnosis. A Christian and Hypnosis.

Christianity and Hypnosis. A Christian and Hypnosis.


Hypnosis is not mentioned in the Bible.
There is nothing in the Bible against Hypnosis.
Hypnosis is safe as practised by a trained Hypnotherapist, Hypnotist and/or Consulting Hypnotist.
Most Christian religions are ok with Hypnosis.
There is no verifiable and reliable information about demoniac possession caused by Hypnosis.
I’m a Christian and practice Hypnosis.

Some of the most often questions I get about Hypnosis and a Christian.

Is hypnosis dangerous for a Christian?

Should a Christian get involved in Hypnosis?

Should a Christian practice Hypnosis?

Is hypnosis witchcraft, divination or incantation?

Is it ok for a Christian to be hypnotized?

Is it true that Hypnosis opens to demoniac possession?

Is Hypnosis demonic corruption?

Let’s start by clarifying that I am a Christian, I’m a hypnotist, I practice hypnosis and self-hypnosis every single day.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a technique that take us to the hypnotic state. During the hypnotic state we bypass the Critical Faculty also called Critical Factor. We access the subconscious mind more easily and accept suggestions more easily.

Hypnosis is total and focused concentration. It is not an empty mind. It is not divination, it is not witchcraft.

Christians that are against hypnosis say …

Hypnosis is against the Bible … well, the word hypnosis does not exist in the Bible.

What hypnotherapists and hypnotists do during hypnosis is against the Bible.

There is nothing in the Bible against having your mind very concentrated or focused. And there is nothing in the Bible against accessing your subconscious. The fact is that we access our subconscious mind many times every single day.

If someone tells you that accessing your subconscious is bad, then you cannot drive, because when you drive, you access your subconscious.

Hypnosis is against the Bible because it is divination as mentioned in …

Deuteronomy 18:10-11 King James Version (KJV).

10 There shall not be found among you any one that make his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that use divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch.

11 Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.

The problem here is that these Christian religions or Christians do not know what hypnosis is. They base their opinion in someone else’s opinion that probably saw a Stage Hypnosis show and do not understand how the show works and how our mind works.

Hypnosis as practiced by most Hypnotherapists, Hypnotists and Consulting Hypnotists is not divination, it is not charm, it is not incantation and absolutely hypnosis is not magic or witchcraft.

I realize that hypnosis specially in Stage Hypnosis, looks like magic, a special power, but it is not … it is the mind power of the hypnotized and therefore any volunteer can say no to a suggestion that he or she does not like.

Let’s clarify some points.

Stage Hypnosis is a show so the hypnotist makes it look like magic and special power.

I get asked … so How a person forget his name in Hypnosis? How a person gets her hands stuck to a table in Hypnosis? How a person see things that are not there or does not see things that are there?

It is a combination of 3 things … the ability of the hypnotist to guide you into the hypnotic state, your ability to access your subconscious and suggestion.

Not to make this too long … all the hypnotic phenomena happens thanks to your suggestibility … to your ability to access your subconscious and believe something as true.

To give you a very simple example … many smokers believe that smoking relaxes … and when they are under stressful situations they smoke and relax because their subconscious mind believes this to be true.

Of course this explanation is simplistic, there are more factors involved but the point is that if your subconscious mind believes something as true it makes it true.

If your subconscious mind believes your hand is stuck to the table … even if your conscious mind say “that’s not true … it is false”, it acts as if were true and you cannot unstuck your hand from the table.

Nothing magic here, no incantation, no demon helping the hypnotist, no demoniac possession here .. just the power of your mind.

Let me give you another example.

Some people that drink alcoholic beverages and smoke cigarettes, when they quit drinking they continue to smoke and they tell you … “quitting smoking is more difficult that quitting drinking”, which in reality is false, but because they believe is true, it gets more difficult to quit smoking.

Some Christians say … Hypnosis is a potential for occultism, Hypnosis is dangerous, Hypnosis opens your mind to demoniac possession.

Let’s answer here … everything can be dangerous … you can kill someone with a scalpel, which used by competent Doctor can save lives … you can promote immoral practices using the Bible, for example.

Slavery is accepted in the Bible … and some people that promote slavery say … “Slavery is accepted in the Bible”.

Exodus 21

21 “Now these are the rules that you shall set before them. 2 When you buy a Hebrew slave,[a] he shall serve six years, and in the seventh he shall go out free, for nothing. 3 If he comes in single, he shall go out single; if he comes in married, then his wife shall go out with him. 4 If his master gives him a wife and she bears him sons or daughters, the wife and her children shall be her master’s, and he shall go out alone. 5 But if the slave plainly says, ‘I love my master, my wife, and my children; I will not go out free,’ 6 then his master shall bring him to God, and he shall bring him to the door or the doorpost. And his master shall bore his ear through with an awl, and he shall be his slave forever.

Of course when the Bible was written slavery was accepted … we now do not accept slavery, and at the same time it all depends on the interpretation you give to the Bible in that point.

There is no scientific information about demoniac possession as a result of hypnosis. There is no scientific information about a person doing something against his or her moral principles as a result of being hypnotized. Of course they are videos and websites promoting false information but when you ask them for valid or reliable information, they do not have it. Or if you ask them to show credentials or verifiable resources, again they do not have them.

Hypnosis as any technique used by someone that does not have experience and training and does not know what he or she is doing can be dangerous. That’s the reality for any technique related to the mind.
The key here is … if you are going to try hypnosis … if you want to experience hypnosis you do not go with a person that watched a couple of hypnosis videos in youtube … you go to someone that has credentials, training and experience … the same way if you do with any other thing in life.

In reality Hypnosis is a very useful technique for a religious, a spiritual person … a Christian.

The Christian and Hypnosis. Why should a Christian use hypnosis?

Hypnosis is total concentration, total focus on something, a person or a goal. The hypnotic state allows a better connection with the subconscious, suggestions are accepted more easily and therefore the creation of positive changes.

Hypnosis is a technique that helps you focus your mind on something, someone, or a goal.

Some reasons why hypnosis can be useful for a Christian.

Contemplative prayer or Christian meditation is very similar to meditation, contemplation and self-hypnosis. Obviously they are not exactly the same, the techniques, procedures and the goals are different.

Hypnosis being a technique that teaches you how to enter total concentration helps you to enter into contemplation at the time of prayer to establish a better communication with God.

Do you need Hypnosis to communicate better with God?

No, absolutely not if you pray with devotion or use contemplative prayer or Christian Meditation.

That being said … Hypnosis being a technique that helps you understand how your mind works, it allows you to improve your communication skills as a human being and therefore your ability to love and be tolerant with other human beings.

Some people say … “Prayer is our means of communication with God. Intuition is God’s means of communication with us. ”

Hypnosis and self-hypnosis can help you pray with more faith and improve your intuition.

What I’m saying here is that Hypnosis as being a technique that teach you how to concentrate better, can help you to concentrate better when you pray.

If you are curios about Hypnosis, ideally look for a Health Care Professional that has training and experience in Hypnosis and he or she is a Christian.

If you concerned about Hypnosis but at the same time curious and would like to try it.

I always say … first consult your Doctor … consult with a Cristian that has experience with Hypnosis, not just with a person that tried once and decided against hypnosis.

Three reasons why some Christian leaders do not want their members to experience hypnosis.

The first one and more important … they do not know what Hypnosis is but they do not want to recognize their ignorance about the subject.

One of the main benefits of experiencing or practicing hypnosis is that you learn more how your mind works and therefore learn to defend yourself more efficiently when others want to control you.

For example, I have a friend who uses a lot of what is called Reverse Psychology, when you basically say the opposite of what you want, and interestingly many times she gets what she wants. It works, of course not all the time.

When learning hypnosis, or self-hypnosis or experiencing hypnosis we learn and understand better how our mind works and we can anticipate better when someone is trying to control us and trying to manipulate our beliefs.

For this reason, some religious leaders do not want you to learn how to defend yourself from their suggestions and therefore do not like the idea that you learn how your mind works and how to defend yourself.

Have you noticed that many religious leaders tell their followers … “Do not discuss religion with someone who contradicts what we believe. They want to confuse you. They are agents of the devil. ”

The reality is that they are afraid that you think for yourself. For the same reason they do not like you to practice self-hypnosis or hypnosis that teach you how your mind works and think for yourself.

Another reason is that when you really understand better hypnosis or self-hypnosis you realize that there is nothing demoniac or diabolical in it.

The whole point is Hypnosis is a technique. Used properly can help you a lot.

As a Christian if you have a very powerul and close relationship with God you do not need Hypnosis at all, but if you want to experience Hypnosis you can be sure there is nothing in the Bible againts it.

Again … I’m a Christian. I’m a Hypnotist. I practice Hypnosis and self-hypnosis every day … and the first and last thing I do during a day … I pray and thank God for my blessings.

Blessing and Profound Peace.

Olivier Hidalgo.
NLP Hypnosis Centre.
London, Ontario. Canada.