Dangers of Hypnosis. Side Effects of Using Hypnosis

You might have read:

  • Do not use hypnosis is dangerous.
  • The Hypnotist can control your mind.
  • Hypnosis is diabolic. Hypnosis is against the Bible.
  • A Hypnotist can rape you without your knowledge.
  • During Hypnosis your mind is empty and the Hypnotist can make do things against your will.
  • Hypnosis steals your mind.
  • Hypnosis can hurt you.
  • Hypnosis is a diabolic tool.
  • Hypnotism is a sin against God.
  • Hypnosis has a lot of side effect.
  • You can get stuck in hypnosis for ever.
  • Hypnosis is not real. Hypnosis is a trick. Hypnosis does not work.

All the above are totally false.

If  Hypnosis is not real, doesn’t work and/or it is a trick. Well you have nothing to worry about … if it does not work … it won’t do anything at all to you.

Hypnosis is just a technique, a tool, a process. It is very similar to day dreaming.

Certainly during hypnosis you have access to your subconscious to create positive changes. But some people are afraid of “being able to access the subconscious”. The truth is you do it every day, many times in the day.

A simple example … when you drive your car … or ride your bicycle  … you don’t think “how I do this”, it is already in your memory. Some information will be in ready available to you (depending how often you drive a car or ride a bicycle) and other will be a little bite “hidden” in your subconscious … ready for you to use if necessary.

Going to see a Hypnotist is not more dangerous that going to see your Doctor, your Priest, your Pastor. They all human beings, can make mistakes and can do bad things to you.

How do you protect yourself?

Well if you going to see a Doctor, a Psychologist, a Priest, a Pastor … you check first. You find out his/her references, experience, credentials, memberships.

If you want to see a Hypnotist …  you do the same.

Of course some people say … well I get a Hypnosis Certification Online or very in a couple of week, and that’s true and there is nothing wrong with getting a Diploma or Certification online, is something that many people do these days.

My advice is always the same … if your problem is medical, look for a Health Care Professional that practices and has a lot of experience in Hypnosis.

“Pay attention” … a Health Care Professional might have a Certification in Hypnosis, but maybe he/she has never hypnotized anyone … some check for experience.

If your problem is not medical, look for a Hypnotist, or Hypnotherapist or Consulting Hypnotist certified and member of an organization that has been around for a long time … like the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH).

Again … check experience, certifications, memberships.

In all cases Hypnosis is the same …

Hypnosis a process similar to daydreaming where you are able to access your subconscious and create positive changes. The Hypnotist is there to guide you, to coach you, to teach you. You have the control, you are always aware.

During Hypnosis your mind is never empty. Your mind is totally focused in the goal you have. You might lose track of the time, but you will never be unconscious. If the Hypnotist dies when you are in Hypnosis you will come back to full awareness in several minutes. You won’t stay in Hypnosis for ever because the Hypnotist that hypnotized you died while you were in hypnosis.

You will be surprise to learn that Ministers, Priests and Pastors use hypnosis with their followers.

Hypnosis is using the power of suggestion in a positive way.

If you do a search in youtube.com for Stage Hypnosis and presentations from different religions you will see many similarities.

In Stage Hypnosis you are in Hypnosis, but not under the control of the Hypnotist. People do crazy things because they can always blame “the power of the hypnotist”, and the stage hypnotist will make look that way … because it is part of the show. Of course any person can say no to the suggestions, but again they decide to go along with them.

The Hypnosis is the same … intention, attention, suggestion. During hypnosis the person is more open to suggestions.

Hypnosis is not dangerous or harmful … it could be that a person who calls himself/himself  a Hypnotist and knows nothing or just the basics about hypnosis can do harm and can be dangerous … Hypnosis is not the problem, the hypnotist inefficient training and experience is the problem.

Same as a Doctor. Many of us aware of cases of Doctors causing harm, being dangerous, doing the wrong thing to their patients, making awful mistakes …. so the problem is not “medicine” is the Doctor poor training, poor experience or lack of principles.

Hypnosis is not a “special power” …. you can learn basic hypnosis in a few weeks … now considering yourself a Profesional Hypnotist … takes time, training and experience … and again getting the best training you can get from a reputable institution.

Hypnosis is not taking to spirits or the devil, or making miracles. Hypnosis does not work 100%. Most people are able to go in Hypnosis. If you are able to concentration and have a little bit of imagination you will go into hypnosis. Some people are very powerful in concentration and imagination others takes a little bit of more time.

Hypnosis is not “asleep”. Of course, we Hypnotists, are guilty of this one as we normally  say “… sleep” during the hypnosis session. This is more for tradition and not having a exact word to define how it feels to go into hypnosis, and people more familiar with this one … so we use “sleep”, but you now know you are always aware and won’t be asleep.

You can experience hypnosis with your eyes closed or opened. You can experience hypnosis with relaxation or without relaxing at all.

We at NLP Hypnosis Centre use a powerful combination of Consulting Hypnotism (Hypnosis), Neuro-Linguist Programming (NLP) and Life Coaching, and we promise you … “if you come to our office for Hypnosis and you don’t experience Hypnosis, your session is FREE”.  Image that … we truly believe in what we do.  Would yo be able to ask your Doctor, if you don’t get better you don’t pay the treatment  :-).

There is no documented case of a person being in danger because Hypnosis … of course there has been some cases of “false memories” implanted by Health Care Professional practicing Hypnosis without the proper training and experience.

Hypnosis has to do a lot with attention, concentration, intention … suggestion … but if I suggest to you to give me all your hard earned money during hypnosis, you probably will sent me to …

As a Consulting Hypnotist I can guide you … but I cannot “make you do something” … I met a person you told I want my husband to quit smoking and I was told that you can quit smoking very easily using hypnosis.

I asked her … Does your husband want to quit smoking?

Yeah, she say. “I believe so”.

I asked the husband … Do you want to quit smoking?

He said … “Oh hell, no … I love smoking”

So no even me … the great hypnotist (what a humble person), can make this person quit.

Adding a note here … you see a lot of place talking about hypnotizing animals … well animals cannot be hypnotized, based in the present knowledge and understanding we have about hypnosis. Animals can be manipulated into immobility, which is not hypnosis, but simple manipulation.

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Olivier Hidalgo


Hypnosis, NLP and Life Coaching
Hypnosis, NLP and Life Coaching