Hypnosis is a trick of SATAN HIMSELF

Hypnosis is a trick of SATAN HIMSELF.

I have a YouTube video that explains why hypnosis is not demoniac, nothing to do with Satan, not against the Bible, and a person mentioned that I was wrong and that Hypnosis is a trick of Satan himself.

There are two very important keys here.

1st. What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a technique, a process, that takes you to the hypnotic state, where you are able to access your subconscious mind more easily, put the Critical Faculty aside in a temporary way, and you are able to accept suggestions more easily.

Is there anything demoniac in the above definition of hypnosis?


We all access our subconscious mind every single day. The difference in hypnosis is that you do it with a goal in mind.

Putting our Critical Faculty aside for a few minutes, is very similar to what we do when we want to learn something new, our we really want to pay attention to opinions that are different from ours.

Besides that, our Critical Faculty is always there to protect us if the hypnotist gives us suggestions that are against our moral principles or if there is a danger. If you are in depth hypnosis and a fire alarm sounds, your Critical Faculty will take you out of hypnosis immediately.

Accepting suggestions is not demoniac. Of course those suggestions should be in our benefit.

2nd Is there anything against hypnosis in the Bible.

Again, not at all.

If you search you won’t find the word hypnosis in the Bible.

And there is nothing in the Bible against concentration, paying attention, or imagination which are used in hypnosis.

The problem here is that some people think that hypnosis is incantations, a special power, control mental, and therefore they use versicles of the Bible that are against incantations.

Think about it … if hypnosis were a trick from Satan, or diabolic, or demoniac … and a occult power, then all the hypnotists would very famous, rich and powerful, because all thew power and control they could have over people, which is not the case.

Besides that there is no even one case that can be scientifically verifiable, about demoniac possession because a person was into hypnosis or because that person practices hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a technique that takes your mind to full and focused concentration. It uses your attention, your concentration, you imagination.

You can check the video in the following link.

Olivier Hidalgo
NLP Hypnosis Centre.