Is Hypnosis dangerous or/and diabolic?

Is Hypnosis dangerous or diabolic.

No, Hypnosis is not dangerous, bad or diabolic.

First. Hypnosis is a tool or technique so like any tool or technique can be used for someone that does not know what he/she is doing and create problems, but we cannot say that Hypnosis as technique or tool is bad.

Hypnosis has nothing to do with spiritism or occultism. Of course some Hypnotists like to give Hypnosis an aura of magic, but it is not real. Hypnosis is not magic. There is no control. There is no empty mind.

Some people believe that Hypnosis is bad and/or diabolic because during hypnosis your mind is empty and under the control of the Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist, but this is false.

  • In Hypnosis you are always aware. You are never unconscious.
  • In Hypnosis the Hypnotist cannot make you do things. Not even if they are good things. You need to agree first and want to do it. For example a Hypnotist cannot make stop smoking or lose weight unless you really want to do it and agree to the Hypnosis.
  • You cannot be forced to do something against your moral principles by an Hypnotist. That’s only on TV and movies. Not real.

Hypnosis is real and Hypnosis works, but again there is no control, or empty mind, you are the one who controls the whole session and the want who decides if you want to create positive outcomes or not.

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