Smoking Cessation Program

The Smoking Cessation Program.

The Free Consultation Session.

This is a 15-30 minutes consultation session by phone or Skype and we answer your questions, and explain what hypnosis is and what we can do and/or cannot do. It can also be done in our office at 151B York Street, or at your home or office at no extra cost to you.

The Smoking Cessation Program with Hypnosis normally takes one two hours session to quit and we do a 2rd session (two hours) as reinforcement. Some clients take a little longer.

If during your first hypnosis session you don’t go into hypnosis your session is free. We will give you your money back. 100%.

Our regular rate is $75/hour + HST.

Payment is done in advance or at the time of your first session.

We accept most major credit cards and cash.

Your investment is 4hrs (2 sessions of 2 hours). $60*4=$240+HST=$271.20

We can do the sessions at our office, 151B York Street, London, Ontario. Or we can visit you, at your home, office or business.

Our main website:

The process:

We set up the free and confidential consultation as mentioned above. This is totally free. No compromises from your part or ours.

Then set up the other two sessions, and pay in advance for the 4 hours ($271.20)

In the first two hours session:

– We answer any other question you may have.
– Do some suggestibility tests.
– Do a full physical and mental relaxation.
– Do the Stop Smoking induction.

At the end we set up the next appointment, usually within one week. Then if needed, we set up appointments as needed.

More questions please feel free to text or call 519-495-6405. If we are not available please leave your name, phone # and best time to call you back.

You have a great day!
NLP Hypnosis Centre
London, Ontario. Canada.

Business Hours at our office or Skype.
Monday to Friday 9AM-5PM (only by appointment).

Business Hours for sessions at your home, business or office.
Monday to Friday 9AM-9PM. Some weekends available, 1PM-9PM

Visits at home are free of extra charge within the London area. Small extra charge applies if outside (more than 50Km).

If you have a coupon or have seen our ads please mention it at the time of payment to apply the discount.