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Olivier Hidalgo, NGH CI, BCH.

Certified Hypnosis Instructor, NGH Board Certified. Conversational Hypnosis, NLP, Mindfulness Meditation and Reiki.

Consulting Hypnotist. Ericksonian Hypnosis. NLP Master Practitioner. Reiki Master.

 Mindfulness Master Practitioner.

Certified Advanced Ho’oponopono Practitioner.

Member in Good Standing of NGH, NLP Global Standards and Sociedad Internacional de Hipnosis(SIHC).

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Quit Smoking — Smoking Cessation.

Quitting smoking with hypnosis is easy, affordable, it works and it has no secondary  effects.

Can any one quit smoking using hypnosis?

No. Like any method or technique for stop smoking or smoking cessation program there is no 100% guarantees of positives results.

Now the good part about stop smoking with hypnosis is that is easy, affordable and works much better than other methods, techniques or programs for quitting smoking.

So which one is the best way to quit smoking?

It is a difficult one to answer. It depends who you talk to.  Some believe is medicines, prescriptions, patches … but according to some studies the results are very low. Others mention a combination, like hypnosis combined with acupuncture or hypnosis combined with counselling.

The reality is that there is no method that is a 100% effective.

Bad effects and facts about smoking:

In top of that :

Think about about it … if you smoke a pack a day in 30 days and you enrol in a Cessation Program using hypnosis, in month you save $300 and in a year more than $3600.

Image what you can do with that money.

Benefits of Smoking:

Well most people will say “none.” Not really true, there are social and psychological benefits for those who smoke. Some call these benefits, secondary benefits.

I started to smoke because  at that time smoking was equal to “strong”, “macho” … “to impress the girls” … and the social side … some of my friends smoked, so smoking makes me “be part of …”

The key here  … from the Hypnosis point of vue is that  … to your mind … there are some benefits for you when you smoke and the mind is there to protect you. So our role as a Hypnotists, or Consulting Hypnotists is to guide you so you can talk to your subconscious and take that false belief out and create the new belief that being smoke free is a much better solution for you.

Remember you subconscious mind will accept that being smoke free is better for you and that makes you happier and healthier  and when you create that belief  … that’s it … you are smoke free from that moment and for the rest of your life.

I know some will tell … no, is not that simple … quit smoking, stop smoking is difficult … well it is up to you to find out if that’s true or not …  I believe and I know that using hypnosis as part of a program to stop smoking or smoking cessation is one of the best ways to quit smoking and it is easy, affordable and effective … and you will maintain your weight. Of course the power and control are on you, not the hypnotist.

Benefits and facts about quitting smoking or smoking cessation

* Reference: Health Canada.

Other positive effects and facts of quit smoking:

Another great benefits about stopping cigarette smoking are:

Of course you get the same benefits mentioned above, but in top of that you learn how to regain control and feel more relaxed and positive.

Hypnosis is a relaxed and focused state of concentration.  A hypnosis session is totally relaxing, physically and mentally.  In hypnosis for stop smoking you are able to connect with your subconscious and change the beliefs about smoking. You regain self-control.

A good hypnosis program for stop smoking or smoking cessation, deals with effects of smoking and the benefits and positive effects of using hypnosis to stop smoking and about keeping and managing your weight. Deals and reduces the problems of quitting smoking. The fact is that these problems are temporary, but the benefits will last for a lifetime.

It is easy.

You are always in control.  Actually you are the focus of control. You are the main power behind the change. The Hypnotist is the guide.

Takes less time than other methods, techniques or programs for smoking cessation.

You will feel totally in control, relaxed and with a positive attitude.


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We practice Consulting Hypnotism, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Life Coaching. We strongly believe in these techniques. We know they work. We use them ourselves to become better human beings and to reach our personal and business goals.

Yes, that’s right we know that Hypnosis, NLP and Life Coaching work … we even offer you a guarantee … here is our guarantee, no one else in London, Ontario offers you this kind of guarantee.

At NLP Hypnosis Centre - Hypnosis, NLP and Life Coaching

Our goal is to support our clients in achieving the level of competence they desire. We aim to provide you with a positive and rewarding experience that will make you feel much better.  We are committed to help you reach your goals.

Olivier Hidalgo

Member of National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). NLP Global Standards and the Association Collegial of Professional Hypnosis (Spain).

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Benefits and facts about quitting smoking or smoking cessation

* Reference: Health Canada.

Other positive effects and facts of quit smoking:

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