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Benefits of Hypnosis:

– Safe.
– You are always in control.
– Effective. It works, many studies from scientific and academic institutions prove it.
– Reasonable price. The first consultation session is free. Special discounts for multiple sessions.
– You feel the positive effects from the first session.
– It has no side effects.
– It is a natural state that almost everyone can achieve.

Myths of Hypnosis.

– The Hypnotist controls you. False. You are always in control.
– You may be forced to do bad things. False. You can always reject any suggestion that the hypnotist made.
– Only stupid or naive are hypnotizable. False, quite the contrary, people with very low intelligence and mental problems are difficult to hypnotize.
– It is diabolical. My mind goes blank and diabolical forces can possess me. Totally false. Your mind is never blank. Hypnosis is a state of concentration and therefore your mind is never blank.  You are in a focused relaxed state. There is not a single documented that proves that a person has been possessed by a diabolic entity because of entering hypnosis.

– You cannot be forced to do something against your will.

– You can hypnotize even if you do not want. False, so you hypnotize you must first want to participate. Nobody can hypnotize force.

Who use hypnosis?

– Doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists … Health Professionals.
– Professional of Hypnosis, Hypnotists, Hypnotherapists, Hypnosis Consultants (Consulting Hypnotists).
– Hypnotists who use hypnosis in theaters and exhibitions as a means of entertainment (Stage Hypnosis).

What is Stage Hypnosis.

Is the use of hypnosis to entertain, amuse, as in the theater and exhibitions. Note that even this use of hypnosis does not constitute control, the people involved do crazy because they want and then can blame the hypnotist ” that he/she controlled them” and of course a good hypnotist for this type of show is a good actor in the positive sense of the word and makes you believe that there really is control.

Of course like everything in life, and in any profession, there are many charlatans who prepare everything. In every profession there are charlatans and incompetent, right?

Those who use similar principles but not equal to hypnosis to “control”
– Political.
– Religious, priests, pastors.
– Sellers.
– Experts in marketing (Don’t believe me? Pay attention to the commercials).

Let’s clarify two things first:

– One, not all the above use the same persuasion techniques.
– I mention “control” in the sense of persuasion.

A marketing expert can use principles of persuasion, based on suggestion and make you believe that you need to buy certain product. Why do you think companies spend millions on marketing .. marketing, “the art of convincing.?”

For example politicians use persuasion to convince you to vote for a particular party … people like Hitler for example have been able to use principles of persuasion and “control” huge numbers of citizens.

Based on that … next time you go to a political, religious or social meeting pay attention to all the techniques used and check the ones that are similar to persuasion.

In hypnosis the idea is a team work, using their imagination and hypnotic techniques for you to connect with your subconscious and make the change you seek, the hypnotist or hypnotherapist or hypnotist is simply a guide.

In persuasion the idea is that you become convinced that it is your decision to do something, when really you are been manipulated to do or buy something. Like when we are influenced by a TV commercial or we are influenced by a political, social or religious leader .

For example, if you search on youtube.com a video of some good seller, then see one of hypnosis and then see one of a preaching session with a pastor and or priest you will see many similarities.

I mention all this because some people believe that therapeutic hypnosis is manipulative and compare it to manipulation and persuasion.

Hypnosis used for therapeutic purposes or to change and improve your life, like using a Health Care Professional or Professional Hypnosis (like us at NLP Hypnosis Centre), does not constitute control. It’s a team effort where I will guide you so that you access your subconscious (you are not unconscious) and through suggestions and visualization you create the positive changes.

Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis session mean that you agree to the change. If you do not want to do it, it won’t work. For example if your partner wants you to stop smoking, but you do not want to, no hypnotist can hypnotize you to make the change.
Uses of Hypnosis:

– Control and weight management.
– Management of personal image.
– Stop smoking.
– Eliminate bad habits.
– Creating positive habits.
– Studying better. Better concentration.
– Learn to relax.
– Change limiting attitudes.
– Confidence, self esteem, self improvement.
– Reduction of pain.

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